What problems can DPF cleaning function solve in work.

Main functions: A. Feeding → UR diesel particulate filter blockage, air pressure function malfunction alarm, pressure gauge display accuracy. B. Cutting height → 40-80mm (maximum 8569mm), improving cleaning efficiency. B. ESC, 75-45 ° C three stage rotary drying section, temperature ° C, according to the drying effect.

Product features: The knob is set on the upper part of the 360 ° rotation, and the upper fan and lower fan are fully equipped with knobs/ 1. Please refer to the previous section on the screen panel. 2. See the menu on the screen panel for timing, and distinguish between light and light in seconds.): 0-999 minutes, two segments/3 partition icons. 3. The watch shows normal polarity and short working time.

Main functions: The vacuum automatic cleaning line has four main functions: vacuum automatic drying/recycling/process: loading, preparing to take out the workpiece.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used in the surface spraying treatment industry, mechanical industry, electronics industry, medical industry, semiconductor industry, watch and jewelry industry, optical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry. The specific applications of ultrasonic cleaning machines in other industries are as follows.

Surface spraying treatment industry: (cleaning attachments: oil, mechanical chips, abrasives, dust, polishing wax) Removal of carbon deposits, oxide skin, polishing paste, oil and rust removal, pre ion plating cleaning, phosphating treatment, metal workpiece surface activation treatment, etc. before electroplating. Pre coating treatment and pre electroplating cleaning of stainless steel polished products, stainless steel cutting tools, tableware, cutting tools, locks, lighting, and hand decorations.

Mechanical industry: (cleaning attachments: cutting oil, abrasive particles, iron filings, dust, fingerprints.).

Removal of rust resistant grease; Cleaning of measuring tools; Oil and rust removal of mechanical components; Engine, engine parts, gearbox, shock absorber, bearing shells, oil nozzles, cylinder body, valve body, carburetor, and cleaning of automotive parts and chassis before painting, rust removal, and phosphating; Cleaning and cleaning of filters, piston accessories, and filter screens. Precision mechanical components, compressor parts, camera parts, bearings, hardware parts, molds, especially in the railway industry, are very suitable for oil and dirt removal of train carriage air conditioners, rust prevention and oil removal of various components at the front of trains.

The special cleaning machine for the fully automatic transmission casing is mainly designed for cleaning various air conditioning compressors. Professional tools are used to clean the oil, dust, and other debris from the cylinder and gaps under the casing. The equipment adopts imported PLC combined with human-machine interface for automatic control, which can comprehensively clean oil, dust, and bacteria, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs< Eod>.

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