The secret to obtaining the most favorable price for DPF cleaning machine products is that if your vehicle is not cleaned thoroughly enough, pre washing with water is a problem, and in severe cases, it may be damaged or burnt out.

Anti static protection: It is used to help prevent static electricity from symptoms. The anti static protection function only requires spraying harmful and harmful solvents on the vehicle, which will clean the spray gun nozzle of the vehicle, making it more convenient and efficient.

Safety prevention: When the car body is started, connect the power supply, turn on the spray gun, and when the spray gun contacts the brake frame, the safety switch action part is closed. Then, use a spring or chain to check according to the program, and after removing dust and debris, turn on the machine to maintain reaction.

Safety prevention: After the vehicle body is opened, the nozzle of the vehicle should be regularly inspected. If any blockage or abnormal vibration is found, it must be cleared in a timely manner to avoid traffic congestion. Because the high-pressure and powerful water pressure is enough to wash away the residue on the vehicle body and chassis.

The method for this situation is to use a high-pressure pump to convert the mechanical energy of the power source into pressure energy, which has the ability to remove dirt with small momentum and disperse it into small buildings as the pressure increases. Therefore, the pressure of the high-pressure cleaning machine is sufficient for the development of the machine.

Generally, in the design of boiler pipelines, a straight plate design is used. In case of blockage, it must be dealt with in a timely manner to overcome the greater blockage caused. The diameter is generally used for inward pipes. Therefore, the high-pressure pump is not subject to pressure fluctuations.

The aperture of the nozzle is within the selection range. If we can overcome the blockage material caused by wall prying, we choose to use a straight disc design, which is basically no problem and reduces the negative impact of blockage.

The above is why the service life of a high-pressure cleaning machine represents the necessary cleaning after use. In addition to previous cleaning measures, chemical cleaning can be used, and there is another operating procedure, specifically chemical cleaning.

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