DPF cleaning machine products have become the hottest choice. Soon, it will be automatically fed, and compared to new energy batteries, the quality is still very high. This process is relatively convenient, only manual loading is required. The principle is to use ultrasound to penetrate and detach workpieces and molecules from the surface of the object, enter a clean working plane, and consume carbon particles or dust through a strength of approximately 20-30 cm, thereby greatly increasing the cost of the battery. It is irreplaceable in the field of new energy.

Shenzhen Sanling Bridge is designed by industry experts and has been verified to be made of high-density polycarbonate material with an accuracy of 25%, which does not match the electrodes. It is not easy to produce leakage and maintenance, and is not easy to maintain. In a high-temperature and high-pressure working environment, effective cleaning can be completed by simply loading the entire machine.

Introduce advanced production equipment such as domestic and foreign exposure machines, etching machines, developing machines, cleaning machines, vertical etching machines, and film mounting machines. Speed guaranteed.

The product has high precision and can achieve microporous pore size of 003mm, wire diameter of 0015mm, and uniformity of+/-003mm. The accuracy is guaranteed.

The product has undergone 24 inspection processes after processing, strictly controlling every detail, and the inspection pass rate is as high as 98%. The quality is guaranteed.

Xinhaisen is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales, and service. Its main businesses include ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic welding machines, spray cleaning machines, industrial pure water spray cleaning machines, fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines, electroplating production lines, single cylinder air main lines, stepper furnace cleaning machines, triple belt/reciprocating spray cleaning machines, fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines, mesh belt ultrasonic cleaning machines, suspension chain cleaning machines Tunnel cleaning machines, customized cleaning machines, etc. We can provide customers with non-standard cleaning machines and solutions to meet the quality needs of various industries.

Xinhaisen has 15 years of experience in the aquaculture equipment industry since its establishment in Pingdi, Shenzhen. It is engaged in the research and development, production, sales, and service of spray cleaning equipment and spray cleaning equipment, providing customers with non-standard cleaning equipment and maximizing market competitiveness< Eod>.

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