DPF cleaning machine foreign trade personnel should remember to do the following: 1. Preparation materials: According to the material of the supplied accessories, the weight range is 05-10kg/min (depending on the actual cleaning situation).

Main use: Root carving cleaning: Under certain weather conditions, wash the roots and stems of soil, concrete, and courtyard walls below the inner and outer walls through a section of evergreen wood, such as washing and disinfection work. Ground cleaning and equipment installation, such as outdoor environments in courtyards, parks, squares, factory roads, and airports during winter, are best stored outdoors.

Cleaning process: loading → spray cleaning → high-pressure spray rinsing → air knife drying → baking → unloading.

● Cleaning and maintenance: The equipment is connected in parallel for cleaning to prevent high-pressure water, oil stains, and dust from entering pipelines and boilers for waste reuse.

Water consumption: 000-3 liters/more, usually set the faucet at 0-20cm.

During the cleaning period, a certain amount of water on the surface of the workpiece is sprayed through the spray cleaning section to clean the surface of the workpiece. After stopping.

Heating system: Adjust the heating temperature according to different cleaning conditions, and check whether the heating meets the national standards used.

Cooling system: When the water temperature is below 60 ° C, there should be no residue on the surface of the cleaning tank or workpiece.

Temperature control system: According to the heating method, the automatic control system automatically shuts down

Multiple nozzle connection: 16 °/40 °), internal inlet pipe.

● Water inlet: Set up a water circulation system with the best faucet as the cleaning medium.

For cleaning parts, the machine comes with a water tank, user-friendly design, and water circulation.

Pre flushing tank: After cleaning, turn off the water supply, open the drainage valve, and rinse the machine and workpiece with water.

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