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The F35/1 model is not only an F35/2 dryer, but also an insulation material that carries interconnections. It not only improves drying efficiency, but also saves drying costs, while also improving safe and reliable performance, truly realizing the practicality of saving steel and salt water.

According to the above situation, it can be seen that hydrocarbon cleaning agents are very pure refined solvents, which can be directly applied to the skin by adding a stirring bucket at room temperature and heating conditions.

The temperature is adjustable, and its component temperature can reach 5000 ° C, which is easy to check and operate.

In addition, various cleaning process equipment can be configured according to needs. Under appropriate conditions such as vacuum and steam, the use of an input type cleaning machine can increase the cleaning power.

In summary, the mixing rate of hydrocarbon cleaning agents should be maintained at 0-90 ° C, especially when cleaning plastic, rubber, fiber and other parts, which should feel compact, smooth, and free of burrs. The entire cleaning process should be humanized< Eod>.

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