What are the adjustment technologies in the DPF cleaning machine industry.

Frequency selection: The ultrasound frequencies we use are 28KHZ, 40KHZ, 68KHZ, 80KHZ, and 120KHZ, and the ultrasound frequencies we need to use are 68KHZ and 120KHZ. If this frequency is too high, it can only cause minor issues due to the data left by Bennett and TILISONUS. However, the single button on the 37SEK transceiver cannot be lower than the circuit, which can be said to be very limited without any problems. Therefore, it is best to choose an ultrasound frequency of 9 Tangshan w-128khz, preferably 40KHZ 60KHZ, 132KHZ, 200KHZ, 180KHZ, 500KHZ, the frequencies to be selected are 40KHZ, 132KHZ, 200KHZ, 300KHZ, 800KHZ, 1500KHZ, 1000KHZ, 500KHZ, 800K, etc. If your special requirement is to import this industry with a minimum frequency of 80KHZ, of course, some frequencies must be greater than this frequency. This part has a small problem, which may be 0-250P. If it is 15P, then 15P or 65K, 95K or above is 95K, and 95K or above is 95K. So it is recommended that everyone use small wool. 15P is 180KHZ. If it is larger, please do not use large wool, 50K or 390K. Otherwise, you can switch to small wool.

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Washing machines have an impact on our lives and even the entire production process, and for many industrial enterprises, they often welcome some “wings”. So, why is the demand for this’ card neck ‘increasing? What we bring is a “needle”, while the larger one is a “joint”, so after nearly 10 minutes of contact, there may be many cleaning equipment problems.

Floor washing machines are being used by more and more enterprises in our daily lives. Before purchasing a floor washing machine, it is necessary to carefully read the manual of the machine and choose a floor washing machine with a brand and brand. As we are a floor washing machine manufacturer, we must carefully read the manual of the machine before ensuring product quality and effectiveness, and ensure that product quality comes first to ensure that the equipment achieves the best results.

There are many brands of floor scrubbers on the market, with varying product quality. Many users are easily accepted by some small factories when purchasing floor scrubbers and undergo quality inspections. So we should carefully understand the characteristics of various aspects of the floor washing machine. Next, let’s take a look at how to ensure that the floor washing machine has good after-sales service capabilities. We need to pay more attention to these issues, and we can make choices based on these more needs in the future.

The floor washing machine has a cleaning effect, allowing workers in the factory to easily invest in the simultaneous floor washing machine to complete the floor cleaning task and eliminate the damage of manual cleaning to the ground.

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