DPF cleaning machine products are entering the peak sales season. More details are known or due to improper maintenance issues, high-pressure cleaning machines often have powder shells made of hemp or steel slurry, and cannot be connected to water sources or short circuits when sparks occur. What are the common types of ultrasonic cleaning machines?

The ultrasonic working time can be adjusted from 1 to 30 minutes, and it can also work for a long time, suitable for different occasions.

● Number of built-in filter screens: Every 450mm, clean 80% of the filter screen, 60% of the filter screen, 120% of the filter screen, and 0338% of the rainbow tube fittings. If the cover is not cleaned, it is not easy to cause perforation and blockage.

Built in power socket to prevent damage to the “cart head”.

Separate the ultrasonic cleaning machine’s dedicated generator from the cleaning tank, place the cleaning machine’s dedicated ground wire and casing flat on the hanging basket, and screw it onto the claw hook. Then hang the hook behind the cleaning machine and lock the power switch.

Built-in filter screen: The cleaning tank for ultrasonic cleaning adopts a vertical horizontal structure. Place the cleaning tank or ultrasonic work box next to the cleaning machine and turn on the power switch.

● Built-in power socket and wiring terminal: A grounding wire must be installed to ensure safety. Installation method.

This is the most commonly used manifestation. The increasingly simple cleaning methods for home appliances, whether it is home appliance cleaning or home appliance cleaning, must be world-class, and home appliance cleaning is imperative. Therefore, home appliance cleaning may produce better economic benefits and prevent consumers from purchasing later, which are all extremely effective ways.

Cleaning solution medium: The cleaning agent after cleaning should be greater than 4nm and 5nm (electromagnetic field), and the insulation should be greater than 7nm.

● Ultrasonic frequency: The field range is 50KHz, with options greater than 10-20KHz.

Cleaning temperature: Use a working temperature of 60 ° C, within the range of approximately 60 ° C.

Cleaner circuit: The transducer used in the ultrasonic cleaning machine determines the piezoelectric components of the ultrasonic transducer (special excitation type, such as our company’s existing 2-5KW transducer).

Ultrasound: A transducer used in ultrasonic cleaning machines, which uses a horn shaped conduit structure to move in the direction of the horn and maintain it as ultrasound, with a wavelength of the horn. The movement rate is constant and the service life is long; The introduction of domestic enterprises is about ultrasonic cleaning equipment, not foreign raw materials. According to the principle of ultrasonic cleaning, the cleaning transducer is selected in the shape of a horn, and is equipped with installation functions such as a cleaning tank and generator.

Transducers: Transducers used in ultrasonic cleaning machines, commonly known as ultrasonic vibration heads or texture transducers, can generate vibrations and have advantages such as good cleaning effect, high ultrasonic frequency, small size, light weight, short heating time, convenient installation and maintenance, and PLC control.

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