The DPF cleaning machine market has launched an offline business value war. Specially designed for cleaning various particulate pollutants.

Tray cleaning machine is an efficient and convenient cleaning equipment with a wide range of applications. Our company is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales, and maintenance. The company has efficient execution programs to solve blockage problems, automatic research and development production technology, and technology to upgrade and replace as soon as possible. This innovative automated cleaning equipment.

The Kingkar DPF cleaning machine has the latest comprehensive technical research and development team, which can help you achieve green garbage removal and restore DPF ash cleaning machine production equipment.

Kingkar DPF cleaning is an automated cleaning equipment that not only improves cleaning efficiency and quality, but also changes emission issues.

By adopting a new generation of mechanical design level such as back water supply, this equipment has low control over water and ash removal. Through various process methods, the swimming water supply efficiency reaches over 85%.

The dust particles are improved through the Kingkar DPF water thrower, which can make the vehicle’s walkway unobstructed and reduce maintenance costs.

Our DPF water thrower has the characteristics of high performance, high stability, simple operation, and convenient maintenance, suitable for various particle filters.

Before and when using the machine, remember to pay attention to the above to avoid errors.

Features of the dual push plate air supply fan: DPF has several 90% or more convenient operation for air rejection.

We all know that the efficiency of vacuum hydrocarbon cleaning machines can greatly reduce labor costs. Not only is the efficiency of traditional vacuum hydrocarbon cleaning machines low, but they also do not require the use of vacuum hydrocarbon cleaning machines. This is evident in the reactions of many car manufacturers, and to put it bluntly, it is still limited. The design of the exhaust port is designed with a large number of sealed structures. However, the oxidation process and principle 1 of vacuum hydrocarbon cleaning machine are dry vacuum distillation.

Our users who use environmentally friendly hydrocarbon cleaning machines know that equipment maintenance can maintain the normal operation of the machine. Because we use environmentally friendly hydrocarbon cleaning machines to clean various components of industrial production equipment and workshops,

The hydrocarbon cleaning machine is mainly used to clean precision components, silicon wafers, automotive parts, sensors, and both internal and external surfaces. It can clean metals, paint finishes, watch cases, glass, ceramics, plastics, bones, concave and convex teeth, silicone rubber, semiconductor silicon wafers, magnetic materials, etc< Eod>.

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