Where is the future of the DPF cleaning machine industry?

The high-speed digital cleaning machines in China mainly include the following main parts: 1. High pressure generation device: High pressure generation device is a device that generates high pressure, mainly used for pollutant treatment and mechanical parts.

The high-pressure cleaning machines in China mainly include two main parts, one is the high-pressure pump, and the other is the high-pressure spray gun. The high-pressure spray gun is a high-pressure cleaning machine mainly used for cleaning, pressure testing, cleaning of key components such as high-pressure nozzles.

With the increasing application range of high-pressure cleaning equipment, it has different uses in various industries. For example, wall cleaning in the construction field; Reactor cleaning and IBC ton barrel cleaning in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry; Road cleaning and sewer dredging in the sanitation industry; Swimming pool cleaning, etc.

Manufacturing workers: surface treatment, material treatment, pre packaging oil removal, rust removal, deoxygenation, polishing paste removal, paint removal, photosensitive adhesive removal, wax removal, polishing, coating, phosphating, etc.

● Electronics: printed circuit boards, electronic components, hardware, aluminum, copper, aluminum, iron, titanium, aluminum, chromium, zirconium, PPR, F, sensors, relays, motors, circuit boards, etc.

Automobile: engine block, cylinder head, gearbox, shock absorber, cylinder body, cylinder head, water pump, butterfly valve, filter element, sealing nail, nozzle, gear, nozzle, sealing nail, titanium alloy, mold, pen, mold inhibitor, rust inhibitor, ink, oil, dye, rust, and cleaning line.

● Aviation: fuel cells, carbide barrels, molds, precision parts, various molds, various radiators, cylinder bodies, tube shells, spark plugs; Oil pump, one-way valve, shock absorber; Pressure switch, G isolator, fuel cell, power regulating valve; Unique customized manufacturing process, with more wear and renewal;

● Ceramics: remove oxide skin, surface oil stains, rust, oxide skin, polishing fabric, ink, dirt, cutting oil, etc;

● Wood, new coatings: remove paint, oil stains, wax, resin, glass, aluminum, profiles, pipes, bamboo, etc;

Process: Loading → Ultrasonic Coarse Cleaning → Ultrasonic Fine Cleaning → Bubble Rinsing → Rotary Air Knife Cutting → Hot Air Drying → Blanking.

All surface treatment equipment connections are equipped with a PLC control system and a touch screen operating system, with a high degree of automation and cleaning work parameters set; All cleaning processes are safe and reliable; Items with deep holes, blind holes, and concave and convex grooves can be cleaned;

The cleaning equipment mainly consists of an ultrasonic generator, a transducer, a cleaning tank, a liquid storage tank, a circulating filtration system, a throwing system, an automatic temperature controlled heating system, a feeding and discharging basket device, a pre washing tank, an electrical control system, etc.

This cleaning machine is a fully automatic cleaning equipment, with the cleaning process controlled by PLC. It consists of four continuous working devices, including stainless steel manufacturing parts, air compressors, liquid transfer pumps, filtration circulation systems, ultrasonic cleaning tanks, ultrasonic rinsing tanks, and slow pulling machine conveyor belts.

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