What is the secret to the success of DPF cleaning machine products? High temperature and high pressure cleaning machines are suitable for various industrial, commercial, and industrial categories. High pressure pump devices are driven by 37KW three-phase motors for industrial, commercial, industrial modification, corn sales, beverage, pharmaceutical, jade processing, and other enterprises.

The pump is equipped with a high-power internal combustion engine, and sheet metal is a standard configuration; The key components of its two units are all imported components, and the thermal power of the motor made of this material alone is 65kw;

The high-pressure pump adopts a single end pump, with a combination of fan-shaped valves in the piston, quick installation of pressure regulating valves, pressure gauges, etc., effectively preventing the normal working section of the diesel engine from being affected by excessive working pressure;

The power end is based on a FOWLP 3FC single source water and liquid level sensor, which can be trusted. Due to the impact of liquid temperature changes on pump flow, the replacement and maintenance of switch components have become a safe and efficient state for water pressure detection equipment;

The gasoline interval and inlet and outlet are connected by a three plunger hose, presenting a truly visual operation;

The trigger of the spray gun separates the nozzle position of the spray gun counterclockwise from the outside position of the door, forming an appropriate fog like signal towards the path; Smoke exhaust devices and blowing devices towards the entrance.

The detergent bucket provided has a long service life and can meet different levels of washing needs. It uses strong corrosives that are resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, with a long service life of up to 15 years.

The installation method of waterways is flexible and can be installed in public places such as trucks, cleaning workshops, commercial areas, etc. It is particularly suitable for cleaning large range hoods and places with heavy oil pollution, such as commercial, hotel, restaurant, large steel structure floors, etc.

Industrial grade counterweight: that is, the connection method between the motor and the main body is basically the same, and the rotational speed is not connected by traditional pneumatic pressure. It is difficult to invest in the later stage, and has now exceeded 120 kilograms.

Optional function: For the cleaning model, a pressure flow meter can be designed, equipped with a manual regulating valve, to achieve cleaning of flow inlet, overflow, and blockage, meeting the high pressure throughout the use;

● Automatic control: Equipped with multiple automatic protection functions, fully automatic fire extinguishing occurs to ensure safe operation;

It can not only reduce the pollution of water temperature, but also reduce the design pressure of the utilization water pump, ensuring the effect after cleaning;

Strong intelligent adaptability: It can be used in environments where three-phase five wire AC current is used for cleaning, and can also directly change the concentration and temperature of water, electricity, steam, detergent, reducing environmental pollution;

Powerful control function: equipped with automatic water level alarm protection function, delayed automatic alarm protection function, and set water level;

PLC touch screen control: Equipped with automatic water level alarm protection function, setting water level, rate, time, temperature automatic control and other programs to ensure the normal operation of equipment and clean production;

The working status of the system is clear at a glance, and the new water absorbing stick utilizes a nano coating combination to make the water absorbing stick work, avoiding prolonged adsorption by brush bristles or scrapers, and allowing the water absorbing stick to stick to the water absorbing stick;

Good water absorption effect: The overall height of water absorption is improved, and the rubber water absorption scraper adopts a nano coating, which does not require water pushing equipment to absorb water, making the water absorption scraper rubber strip specially designed for use;

The water suction motor adopts a combination of two sets of wipers, with a combination type for precise control by the operator, and a maximum suction force of about 3kg;

The filtration system has no harmful substances to filter, automatically replenishes water, and has stronger water absorption capacity;

High filtration efficiency: 25-6m3/h, secondary dust, and a particle collection rate of up to 95%.

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