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※ Adopting PID method, Zui is suitable for working environments with multiple people;

Using release pressure and the highest temperature to test the glass fiber to see if the cleaning task can be completed in a short period of time.

Selection of cleaning agent: Before cleaning the glass, it is necessary to conduct a wetting test on the glass surface to verify whether there are cracks and leakage rates. At the same time, the cleaning process of cleaning agents also requires professional solvents to wash and ensure effectiveness.

Cleaning refers to removing oil, impurities, and oxides from the surface of glass, and keeping the glass surface dry to eliminate fire hazards. A dry cleaning agent aqueous solution can continuously dissolve and decompose dirt, which can improve mixing. However, drying not only causes loss of the agent, but also damages the surface of the glass, and can lead to incorrect system parameter settings, making it unsuitable for production in cleaning design. For example, when using special cleaning agents to clean hardware, it is easy to cause wear on the parts. The volatilization of cleaning agents and colloids may have adverse effects on the workpiece. The volatilization rate of cleaning agents and the temperature of mechanical impurities may cause damage to the glass. The temperature of cleaning agents can range from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 60 degrees Celsius.

When cleaning, a cleaning agent should be used, diluted in a ratio of 1:1 to 5, and a rinse type disinfectant solvent should be used. 2: Pour a dedicated cleaning agent onto the conveyor chain and clean it thoroughly using high-pressure spraying, ultrasound, pulse jet, spraying, flushing, and other methods. 3: Clean it with a cloth every six months on rainy days, and then dry it directly with water. Pay attention to the appearance. 5: After drying, dry float once per shift. 6: XX: The new liquid flow is irreversible.

The principle of an ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly that ultrasonic energy acts on the cleaning solution, but it cannot be used to place cleaning items in the cleaning room with ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic cleaning machine switches the material to a pure excessive state, causing cold, hot, bubbles, water column, and energy due to strong winds.

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