The independent research and development production capacity of DPF cleaning machine products needs to be improved. The characteristics of GMS ceramic particle cleaning machine products need to be improved.

● More thorough cleaning: There are generally two cleaning methods for small ultrasonic cleaning machines, one is handheld. The working principle of these two methods is the same, but the operating methods are different. Therefore, there are some small ultrasonic cleaning machine operating methods: first, the screw is driven by self rotation, and the loose screw in the pressing part is slowly raised to 90 degrees by hand until it reaches the level of cleaning dryness. Then, the system or environment is cleaned by loading.

The cleaning cylinder is equipped with a rotating nozzle. The cleaning time should be set, and the cleaning machine should be started. A nozzle spray pipe sprays out high-temperature water. After the cleaning cylinder starts working, the water inside the object will return to the dehydration chamber for cleaning (automatically stopping cleaning after about 15 minutes).

The cleaning solution temperature and cleaning solution temperature automatically stop working after reaching the minimum concentration.

After cleaning, turn off the empty machine, manually load the workpiece into the material basket, transport the equipment to the cleaning machine for uniform rotation, and the machine body drives the basket to rotate at a uniform speed to clean the workpiece. After flipping, the workpiece is manually taken out and transferred to the next process.

The cleaned finished frame is made of 304 stainless steel. Observe the size of the entire machine, that is, the workstation is rust proof and dust-free, and there are needle holes at the bottom; If the workpiece made of stainless steel has a water seal on the outside, there is a fan;

At the operating speed and cleaning fluid tank of this equipment, the cleaned workpieces can be sent to the ultrasonic cleaning tank. While the workpieces rotate at low speed in the cleaning tank, the cleaned workpieces are loaded into the imported specialized ultrasonic cleaning machine slot, which is convenient for operation and maintenance;

The equipment mainly consists of ultrasonic generators, transducers, cleaning tanks, liquid storage tanks, circulating filtration systems, automatic temperature control heating systems, throwing devices, racks, electrical control systems, etc.

The ultrasonic cleaning tank is made of sturdy stainless steel, with a drainage valve installed at the bottom and a bracket attached to the tank body, effectively preventing cleaning liquid from entering the storage tank;

Adopting high-quality imported transducers and a unique ultrasonic generator (ultrasonic generator), the ultrasonic power is strong and the radiation surface is uniform.

The user should provide detailed information on cleaning workpieces, so that our company can conduct relevant selection and cleaning technology calculations based on it.

The company provides installation and debugging of equipment designed and sold, as well as training for user operation personnel.

The company mainly engages in large-scale environmental cleaning solutions that integrate manufacturing, sales, maintenance, and service. It has always adhered to the principle of environmental cleaning, the purpose of technical services, the guarantee of scientific and efficient development, the guarantee of professional technical services, the foundation of casting brand and international development, and the priority of casting brand and technological reform. It pursues guidance and services for the environmental cleaning industry and practices clean cleaning technology.

The company mainly engages in large-scale environmental cleaning solutions that integrate manufacturing, installation, maintenance, sales, repair, and service. With a scientific and rigorous attitude, professional technical personnel who visit the site provide free guidance to the machines and strict training.

The company mainly engages in the high-pressure cleaning machine series that integrates manufacturing, sales, maintenance, and service.

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