Let me introduce you to several distributors of DPF cleaning machines that can be considered.

The automatic floor cleaner PCBA flux cleaning machine is used for the cleaning of SMT/THT PCBA after welding. It adopts the chemical cleaning principle of cleaning agents and uses the chemical cleaning effect of cleaning agents to clean the PCBA. After cleaning, the furnace automatically stops to avoid cleaning the PCBA with residual cleaning agents, ensuring the cleanliness of the PCBA board.

Would it be better for you to understand the brand of Yiyang rotary cleaning machine.

Guangdong Henan Electronic Processing SMT Plasma Cleaning Machine is also the latest product of the SMT polar distance interface tensioner launched by the company in order to improve production efficiency and reduce company costs.

The times really cannot beat ultrasonic cleaning machines. How stable is it? If you are still worrying about not meeting professional cleaning requirements, the Woma plasma cleaning machine can help you solve these problems.

Used for unique spray cleaning, such as rinsing filter elements, residual particles, offset printing, microcrystalline components, various sensors, and process processing.

A unique spray cleaning machine used for cleaning, which can achieve precise cleaning and meet the integration and integration of various cleaning needs.

Inorganic chemical cleaning and plasma cleaning are dry cleaning techniques that can remove pollutants without changing the original chemical molecular components, such as plasma cleaning, ion coating, plasma debonding, plasma etching, plasma debonding, plasma phosphating, and plasma.

The storage tank can accommodate different cleaning containers (containers), and the blades can be flexibly selected according to the size of the bottle. The blades enter the sealing room through the inlet, outlet, and outlet channels; Graphical interface.

The soaking time can easily affect the etching temperature on the cleaning utensils, so the soaking time is easy to reach, and it is necessary to press the previous button to start sterilization;

When taking out the bottle, the door of the bottle storage machine should be closed tightly first, and then when taking out the other item, gently tap it to allow the container to penetrate rapidly and increase the temperature. After reaction, take it out and gently tap it to ensure that the container is not contaminated with foreign objects, and be careful to avoid unnecessary damage;

Seven brush four wheel multifunctional sweeper JC3000 Bengbu Cement Floor Large Area Dust Sweeper.

Double brush driving floor scrubber Kaixiang Shangyang rechargeable cleaning and wiping machine for the new factory workshop in Bengbu City.

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