Take a closer look at the five major trends in the future DPF cleaning machine industry: intelligent electrified cleaning machines have solved the difficulties of traditional cleaning methods. They not only require high-precision cleaning equipment, but also are closely related to the increased cost of imports and exports, as well as the original DPF blockage rate difference. The operation status of cleaning machines and what guarantees spraying.

High voltage protection and maintenance are important components of low-voltage electrical systems. High pressure protection maintenance is divided into three stages: in addition to optimizing pressure and flow, high pressure protection directly discharges pollutants with a flow rate of over 10L/min.

The cleaning machine uses a high-pressure pump as the high-pressure water generation equipment, and is equipped with different actuators according to user needs. Different power is selected according to different working conditions to complete various tasks. Using a high-pressure nozzle as high-pressure water and a fan-shaped nozzle as high-pressure water, flushing can be carried out on various types of pawls, conical nozzles, etc. In summary, high-pressure nozzles can be used in processing workshops, breeding farms, etc., as well as for cleaning canteens, food processing plants, etc.

The high-pressure pump is the heart of every Karcher high-pressure cleaning machine. The strong and reliable ceramic plunger crankshaft pump is a prominent feature of Ka high-pressure cleaning machine; Thanks to the innovative high-performance pump body and advanced sealing technology, it provides reliability, efficiency, and longer maintenance intervals for the pump. The ability to continuously regulate water flow during operation has become another advantage of the equipment. Using the Ka high-pressure cleaning machine, professional users will receive innovative accessories such as nozzles, filters, pumps, metering, ID plugs, and other recognized practical accessories from market leaders.

Large high-pressure cleaning machines have a fast delivery time and are usually delivered to your doorstep within one to one year; Industrial grade high-pressure cleaning machine, belonging to pure physical cleaning, only needs to connect the power and water source when used, without adding any chemical agents. It is a green and environmentally friendly integrated tool for China’s start-up.

When high-pressure cleaning machines encounter some common faults during use, these faults are already very common, especially in the case of frequent entry and exit due to human factors such as high or low voltage, to eliminate potential faults. How to solve these problems [see details].

By analyzing our product line. And then calculate a cost-effective data that can reach 90% × 235 is cost-effective. We can use the following methods and troubleshoot the fault phenomenon.

The technical data related to the production and procurement of high-pressure cleaning machines are intended to be suitable for the use of breathing aluminum wire filters (note: the latest Ecolean2021), research and development and manufacturing of high-pressure cleaning machines for medical devices, food industry, and air compressors (CMP).

● Standardized manufacturing. If different manufacturing needs need to be achieved, it is necessary to consider their correct installation and should be fixed and connected to surrounding equipment.

● Use a mask for the steel mesh. To ensure the normal use of the nozzle, the best cleaning method is to choose steel mesh. The sturdy steel mesh produced is easier to maintain and maintain.

The nozzle processing stage mainly involves quenching and manufacturing by the factory. The size range of the processed nozzle is usually 300X~1050X, the size of the processed steel mesh is usually 500X~580mm, and the size range of the processed steel mesh is 12X~650 × 650mm.

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