The technical evaluation report of DPF cleaning machine, also known as diesel cleaning machine (DPF), abbreviated as diesel cleaning machine, is entirely based on the blueprint of computer monitoring instrument printing machine, without any other special accessories. It is a small equipment manufactured using special processing technology, and can replace the equipment of aluminum. Three aluminum elements, containing special three tones. Fully consider the operating parameters of each vehicle and adapt to the transmission lighting requirements between vehicles. Clear markings, with imprinting and markings.

What is a dry ice cleaner? Dry ice cleaning, also known as cold spraying, uses compressed air as the power and carrier, with dry ice particles as accelerated particles. It is sprayed onto the surface of the cleaned object through a dedicated nozzle, utilizing the momentum change, sublimation, melting, and other energy conversion of high-speed solid dry ice particles to quickly freeze the dirt, oil, and residual impurities on the surface of the cleaned object, thereby condensing, embrittling, and being peeled off, while also being removed with the airflow. It will not cause any damage to the surface of the cleaned object, nor will it affect the surface smoothness of the metal body.

When high-speed dry ice particles collide with the increased surface of the dirt, they transfer the aforementioned kinetic energy to the dirt, overcoming the reduced adhesion force, and the resulting shear force causes the dirt to roll away with the airflow, achieving the goal of removing the dirt.

● Economical and environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Use dry ice particles to remove dirt and completely remove it, without damaging the substrate of the cleaned material.

Do not damage the surface of the cleaned object. Using a dry ice cleaner for cleaning, different physical methods, such as handheld and driving, can be used to measure the working conditions using a dry ice cleaner or a three coordinate system.

The surface can be properly cleaned. For example, it can remove oil stains, rust, oxides, etc., or may not have corrosive cleaning agents, and does not require disassembly of cleaning agents and cleaning conditions. It does not produce waste liquid on the cleaned surface, as long as it is dry.

Organic matter removal does not require the use of solvents and requires secondary cleaning of the equipment. After using a dry ice cleaner for cleaning, it can reduce downtime and ensure environmentally friendly cleaning without pollutants.

In short, dry ice cleaning machines have many uses and are suitable for places that do not cause any damage to cleaning. In addition, for places with low requirements, cleaning can be carried out without the need for cleaning hours. However, the following points should be noted when using them.

Used to clean materials such as oil, plastic, rubber, metal, plastic, ceramics, or other rubber, it is a large-scale environmental protection equipment.

Used to clean carbon deposits, coking, carbon, and other harmful chemicals such as extruder screws and fuel equipment.

In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of the factory, reduce labor costs, and improve production efficiency.

Dry ice cleaning machines can effectively solve the damage caused by carbon deposition to food and medical devices, utilizing the sublimation speed and physical properties of dry ice to clean the internal and external components of the machine.

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