DPF cleaning machine product industry tips.

The 11L industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine is a 30 liter three or 30 liter high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, with an ultrasonic frequency of 40KHz (1-4 adjustable) and filtering methods such as alcohol, lamp oil, butter, etc. The generator adopts the most advanced automatic tin adding device in the world, with automatic operation modes of mechanical, digital, and pulse frequency of 40KHz.

It is a 30 liter adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine with functions such as ultrasonic cleaning, bubbling, high-pressure cleaning, etc. The main functions are to customize specific dimensions and parameters. This equipment is used for cleaning treatment before assembly. The workpieces to be cleaned are neatly arranged, and can also be placed at the bottom of the groove or on mechanical installation. With the rise of ultrasonic cleaning projects, ultrasonic cleaning began. After the acoustic cleaning stops, use the solubility of the cleaning solution to draw it out of the rinsing tank, allowing the cleaning solution to be recycled and continuously reused. One step cycle begins.

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Our company specializes in designing ultrasonic cleaning machines, which are widely used for surface treatment of objects such as oil, mechanical chips, abrasives, dust, polishing wax, carbon deposits and sludge inside the engine, cleaning before ion plating, and surface activation treatment of metal workpieces. Cleaning before oil removal, rust removal, and phosphating in the mechanical industry, as well as research departments in industries such as automotive manufacturing, machinery, integrated circuits, precision coatings, bearings, precision instruments, stamping, aerospace, casting, high-speed rail support, and universities. The company has won the trust and praise of a large number of users with advanced technology, excellent product quality, and thoughtful after-sales service< Eod>.

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