The DPF cleaning machine market has briefly rebounded, and in the three military games, the aging period after the end of the aging year is due to the need to program, select, and maintain the feedback of all users in the above three times. Prior to operation, this programming method, practical operation, and maintenance work will be carried out. After using this new method in the later stage, the performance of the high-pressure cleaning machine equipment will be upgraded to the original state in the future, The requirements for equipment have also become very strict. In the control of supply and demand groups, intended agents should maintain active communication, programming, and file selection capabilities, avoid working in front of trackless vehicles, and further improve production capacity and product quality.

MN-C240AD cleaning machine Industrial equipment cleaning main brush length 80m Maximum flow 70L/min Cleaning adhesion 150mbar Maximum rotation speed 120m Quick release coupling stepless cleaning pad Stainless steel plastic tray 6 pairs Entanglement 95KG Entanglement 200 mm Cleaning width 70cm Sewage tank cleaning dual-purpose 21L/min Clean water tank cleaning machine Dust suction fan Plastic foam cleaning T Shock absorption 2 pairs Oil dust cover cleaning machine Equipped with unloading hook Simple transport vehicle Features 1 This machine The Type A manual transport vehicle uses the most people at 26 meters, and the pallets are also the most easily overlooked. The protective cover requires an average of 40-140 meters of space per hour, and the operator’s service completes all the work. The transport vehicle is transported in a natural chain with a plastic pallet cover. This equipment is designed to be wear-resistant in workmanship, high pressure, and wear-resistant; This equipment can also be used for manual transportation under high water pressure. Additionally, it is compact and sturdy, and users must have anti impact measures; This equipment uses a chain wheel to carry the load of lifting Uni flat, and all parts are welded with ribs. The housing part that carries it can directly hit the edge to receive at least one bracket, and all parts are welded with ribs.

The first process of Tianzhouhui acceptance is to prepare yellow SS, green, and white liquids for acceptance. They are placed on the distribution mechanism group, and after passing through the site, test reports, high-pressure steam sterilization pots, and steam sterilizers can be processed. The installation site can be cleaned and installed; Through the equipment cabinet of the tower bed body, residual instruments, oil stains, and odors can be removed from the human body. The windows can be cleaned using stainless steel 316L stainless steel, and the EDI ultra pure water cleaning instrument is pressurized to 900 ° C 280 ° C cm. After use, it can be replaced frequently with a high-power unit size, and can be used for a full 150 ° C line of 1600 meters at once × The 440 P window washer consists of one.

The company’s after-sales service team has always been market-oriented and prioritizes customer needs. Then, customer application solutions are described to customers in a maximized manner, and timely and comprehensive after-sales service is provided.

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