How does the DPF cleaning machine industry respond to the new round of manufacturing industry reshuffle? The main process classification of steam cleaning machines is DPF cleaning business.

Dry ice cleaning methods have rapidly developed globally. The cleaning system uses high-pressure air to spray the dry ice particles from the dry ice cleaning machine onto the working surface that needs to be cleaned, and uses the physical reflection of temperature difference to separate different substances at different contraction rates. When dry ice particles at -78 degrees Celsius come into contact with the surface of dirt, they will undergo embrittlement and explosion, causing the dirt to contract and loosen. Subsequently, the dry ice particles will instantly vaporize and expand 800 times. The strong peeling force of the product will quickly and completely detach the dirt from the surface of the object, achieving a fast, efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly cleaning effect. The carbon dioxide used for dry ice cleaning comes from industrial waste gas, high-altitude air separation, etc. Dry ice cleaning itself does not produce carbon dioxide.

If the main method of dry ice cleaning is to use a dry ice cleaning machine for cleaning, how should we choose? Today, I will share with you what dry ice clear is.

The flexible control system and adjustable nitrogen blowing system make the operation process of the system closely related to performance and quality.

By selecting gas parameters to ensure cleaning effectiveness and equipment stability, regular maintenance and upkeep are also required for some special shaped equipment. Otherwise, after long-term use, some problems may occur, resulting in a decrease in equipment efficiency, maintenance, and service life.

Dry ice cleaning can better reduce maintenance costs, such as protecting equipment from wear and damage, reducing maintenance and costs.

Application of Qingdao Xinwantong Dry Ice Cleaning: Jinan Xinwantong Dry Ice Cleaning Machine is an efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly cleaning equipment. It uses dry ice particles to spray onto dirt through high-speed solid pressure, and can quickly clean stubborn dirt like before, achieving a multi-purpose cleaning effect. Meanwhile, using dry ice technology can reduce labor and achieve higher automation efficiency.

Due to the safety of using dry ice technology, many industries are able to carry out high-quality cleaning work, avoiding heavy physical labor, and also have rich experience in it, meeting the cleaning needs of the industry and profession.

What are the applications of Jinan Xinwantong dry ice cleaning? The Jinan Xinwantong dry ice cleaning machine uses dry ice to spray onto the surface of the cleaned object, and uses strong impact force to complete the cleaning, rinsing, and drying of the object< Eod>.

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