Tip: Increase the flow rate of the DPF cleaning machine to 80L/min and use it to collect a large amount of waste. The waste is filtered through a coarse filter in the waste storage tank and then discharged directly.

Welcome to Wuxi Jindayuan, specializing in the production of new customized high-pressure water cleaning machines and pumps! 1. Pipeline cleaning; 2. Cleaning and dredging of high-pressure water pipes; 3. Blockage of pump outlet; 4. Surface treatment; 5. Fallen dirt; If you are a capable assistant in cleaning, it will take a lot of time. High pressure cleaning machines are mainly divided into three categories: chemical factories and food factories; The other type is high temperature, and the materials used must be in specific working conditions

The five major characteristics of high-pressure cleaning machines are as follows: 1. Good cleaning effect: high-pressure cleaning machines can remove dirt, grease, and other particles, etc

When using a high-pressure cleaning machine for high-pressure water jet cleaning work, it is often necessary to adjust the pressure. When using a high-pressure cleaning machine for cleaning work, we cannot mistakenly assume that the pressure of the high-pressure cleaning machine should be adjusted

The use and maintenance of high-pressure cleaning machines have strict requirements and standards. Only by fully utilizing the functions and functions of high-pressure cleaning machines can their service life be extended.

If a high-pressure cleaning machine is found to have a heating device, then its working principle

If it is found that the cleaning method of the high-pressure cleaning machine is incorrect, then we need to conduct flushing tests to avoid the impact of the high-pressure cleaning machine

After cleaning, appropriate maintenance and inspection should be carried out on the high-pressure cleaning machine to ensure its stable performance.

Maintaining ventilation, dryness, and cleanliness in the equipment workplace is conducive to the long-term efficient operation of the equipment and the optimization of working environment conditions.

When the cleaning solution is too dirty, it should be dealt with in a timely manner. Regularly clean the dirt in the cleaning tank and storage tank, maintain the cleanliness of the cleaning tank and its appearance, and improve the durability of the cleaning tank.

The electrical control box and equipment vents should be kept away from water vapor, corrosive gases, and dust, and compressed air should be regularly used to clean the attached dust.

Regularly test the insulation performance of the equipment, regularly inspect aging electrical components, check grounding wires, and ensure good grounding of the equipment. This project must be carried out by experienced electricians.

Regularly test the power supply to confirm compliance with the equipment’s power supply voltage requirements, and avoid long-term operation under unstable power sources that are too high or too low.

For those with transmission mechanisms, lubricants such as butter and engine oil should be regularly added as required, and the gear oil of the reducer should be replaced regularly to ensure that the moving parts work under good lubrication conditions.

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So when choosing a service provider, customers should pay attention to the performance of large cleaning machines and how to quickly select SCR catalytic converter cleaning machines.

Job requirements: 1. Clear speech, fluent Mandarin, strong voice, and high enthusiasm for sales work; 2. For the technical requirements of sales personnel, please implement the suggestions in detail, and never disassemble or send the cleaning machine apart without permission to ensure a clean usage environment.

Having been a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning machines for many years, there has been a significant improvement in product quality and service. Recently, with extensive cooperation in scientific research, production, service industries, and suppliers, the market for ultrasonic cleaning machines will develop very advanced in the future. According to several industries, the cleaning market is not very advanced.

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Product Introduction: Hydrocarbon cleaning machine, which completes the cleaning and drying of hardware parts in a vacuum state.

The anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used for cleaning solvents such as water-based ink, UV curing ink, glue, silicone oil, etc.

Specializing in the production of various types of ultrasonic cleaning and drying machines, spray cleaning machines, and designing and developing systems.

The concept of “strengthening domestic and foreign technological cooperation” has established long-term cooperation and development strategic relationships with well-known enterprises such as Japan and South Korea.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are integrated and constantly innovate to meet customer needs. The products are widely used in industries such as LCD, medical devices, hardware, jewelry, lighting, electronics, instruments, watches, bearings, machinery, electroplating, precision components, optics, chemical fibers, plastics, semiconductors, automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, etc., to remove oil stains, polishing wax, fine dust, ink, fingerprints, soldering flux, and other attachments on objects.

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