How much do you know about submitting the DPF cleaning machine with multiple certificates for customs declaration, second-generation competition, etc.

Product features: 1. Support rolling cabin cleaning, degassing ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic precision cleaning, ultrasonic emulsification, nitrogen bubble cleaning, tableware and fruit cleaning, container cleaning, and disinfection methods.

Digital cleaning, runtime control, and consistency: automatic identification of ITO LiDAR controllers, breakdown gas control, PCB copper tube corrosion, and setting of ultrasonic cleaning parameters.

The MH25/15DE dual row air-cooled unit is suitable for placement on solid steel pipes, supplemented by a single motor for cleaning and conveying operations.

The multi (015 finned four stroke explosion-proof YH25-301 air-cooled unit saves more energy consumption.

The precision filtration system of the high-efficiency and energy-saving hydrocarbon cleaning machine is automatically controlled by PLC. The main production line of the equipment consists of two vacuum degassing ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning agent cleaning, and vacuum drying. Pure water is used as the cleaning medium to form high-pressure, low-temperature, and low concentration water flow under the action of a sealed solvent and catalyst. The cleaning medium is used to clean the work. How to transform the EGR cleaning machine.

Widely used as a hydrocarbon cleaning agent for environmental protection, drying, and ventilation conditions. This product is manufactured with its unique hydrocarbon processing technology.

Efficient environmental performance and presence or absence of rust prevention. The combination of hydrocarbon series fully automatic cleaning agents can be carried out under complex working conditions, with excellent cleaning effects on stubborn oil stains and grease. How to clean diesel vehicles without them.

The cleaning principle of hydrocarbon cleaning agents is simply based on the solubility of solvents for cleaning. The degreasing mechanism based on the solubility of oil or oily pollution: the principle of similar solubility. From the perspective of the principle of compatibility, the principle of similarity and compatibility is not only related to.

Hydrocarbon cleaning agents, along with most lubricating oils, rust preventive oils, and machining oils, are non polar in petroleum fractions based on the principle of similarity and compatibility.

To summarize, hydrocarbon cleaning agents are the same element as most lubricants and rust preventive oils, and are made from petroleum elements processed by hydrocarbons, which are different from other ionic fractions.

Multi slot hydrocarbon cleaning machine is an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning equipment widely used in industries such as electronics, optics, optoelectronics, communication, precision instruments, aerospace, etc. It adopts ultrasonic cleaning technology,

Fully automatic and environmentally friendly hydrocarbon cleaning agent is processed by hydrocarbon solvents and modified treatment technology. The device is completed in a vacuum state.

Manufacturers establish a comprehensive service system and obtain products for electronic components and stamping parts processing, as well as hydrocarbon cleaning agents for processing, and commit to the cleaning process.

Wiring connection: three-phase power supply: three-phase tripod, voltage quoted as PAD: 50HZ.

Cleaning tank: non-standard customization: 1. Assemble correctly according to the “1 cycle” wiring diagram.

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