You need to master these skills in the DPF cleaning machine industry. Elduric can be operated and this slurry can be recycled.

The scope of application of chemical water treatment cleaning agents: mainly for the cleaning of various heat exchangers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, pipelines, boilers, towers, tubes, heat exchangers, evaporators, reaction kettles, etc.

Third: Chemical cleaning: mainly cleaning IPA on the heat exchanger, frozen gas on the air preheater, periodic cooling on the boiler and reactor, various biological deposits, slagging, and elasticity

Fifth: Cleaning process: It can be rinsed with cleaning solution (alkaline method) or rinsed clean with washing powder or other methods.

Released in 2021: Focusing on pharmaceutical exhibitors according to customized projects; Main products: Guangdong Water, Pure Water, Ultra Pure Water Systems, Surgical Instruments, Pipeline Addition (UPH), Cleaning Water Circulation System, and Basket Dual Use Machine; Guangdong water, pure water, ultra pure water system, acid ventilation pump, pure water circulation system, mixed acid system and cleaning water treatment system, sterilization chamber, etc.

The biggest feature is that there is no need to disassemble and fix the bracket, and the inner cantilever can be built according to the standard height of the bracket to move the guide groove up and down, which is convenient, flexible, and balanced by using the plug-in;

Fully automatic feeding and discharging, equipped with lifting safety protection device, which can rotate forward for safety protection;

Membrane method, decomposition method, membrane method, pulp method, coconut shell separator, and coconut meat toxicity medium are described in detail.

Equipped with high temperature alarm and over temperature alarm.

Instruments, electromechanical hydraulics, computer control, communication and measurement systems, communication and management, entertainment systems, gift instruments, handicrafts, exteriors, hanging baskets, elevators, emergency stop buttons, original valves, switches, compressors, relays, optocouplers, air compressors, radio frequency generators, relays, air switches, optocouplers, welding machines, claw machines, fish scale machines, light wave fan machines, pickup calipers, protective equipment Utility models such as fuel pumps, superheaters, dry heat systems, air conditioners, wood products, food, clothing, chemicals, organic and detergents.

The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality and high-precision services. The company has equipment such as CNC machine tools, can cleaning machines, robot cleaning machines, mold cleaning machines, floor washing machines, sweeping machines, vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaning machines, mold cleaning machines, injection molding machines, bottle blowing machines, and nanocard slots. Provide professional pre-sales technical training and maintenance training for customers. The company has an independent research and development production base, which always adheres to the principle of “quality is the lifeline of the enterprise”. We strictly control production to ensure that the company’s products have excellent quality, advanced technology, rigorous training, responsible testing, and training. We also develop a business philosophy of “allowing dealers to enter the situation, and we will provide more and more professional purchasing products and plans”.

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