Why timely and proper DPF cleaning is important

Many people don’t realize that cleaning up DPF in a timely and correct manner is a very important thing.

Why Should We Clean DPF?

Firstly, Under certain conditions, a DPF can become blocked, causing an engine fault code to display.

In extreme cases – especially if the fault is ignored – the blocked DPF will cause the car to go into ‘limp’ mode. This will restrict the car from being driven slowly, the intention being it will be taken either home or to a garage where the fault needs to be addressed urgently.

Ignoring a DPF warning light can result in loss of power, reduced fuel economy, poor throttle response, and difficulty starting.

“It is important to properly maintain vehicles and monitor fuel and lubrication oil consumption. A bad fuel injector or increase in oil consumption may be masked by a DPF. The DPF may be damaged by a poorly maintained engine. When a DPF is removed for cleaning, it may be useful to check the opacity of the vehicle to determine if a potential engine problem exists. Maintaining service records is advisable to track potential concerns or changes in operation.”

Cleaning a DPF is a cost-effective alternative to buying a replacement. A new DPF from the manufacturer is expensive – costs circa £1,000 for a family car and much more for premium models.

Besides, A clogged DPF negatively impact fuel economy.

I was recently reading a report from Chevron Lubricants entitled “Enhanced Fuel Economy Retention from an Ultra-Low Ash Heavy Duty Engine Oil“. It focused on the negative impact on fuel economy from a clogged diesel particulate filter.

The beginning of the article says “Diesel particulate filters are remarkably efficient in reducing emissions of particulate matter from heavy-duty diesel engines. However, their efficiency and performance are negatively impacted by contaminants derived from consumed engine lubricant. This accumulation of incombustible ash imparts a fuel economy penalty due to increased system backpressure and demand for more frequent regeneration events.”

Does the article discuss different methods that can be implemented to keep the DPF filter from becoming clogged as quickly, what about if your DPF is already clogged? The only option is to have your filter professionally cleaned. Failure to do so not only costs you in fuel economy, it could result in you needing to replace a very expensive filter if the cleaning is ignored for too long.

Kingkar DPF cleaner is an innovative solution to clean all DPFs, SCRs, and DOCs of different kinds of vehicles.

Only need 30mins for a car, and 60mins for a truck DPF. If only cleaning by water, unable to clean the inner particulate. But KingKar’s special cleaner agent can decompose toxic substances. Protect the DPFs’ precious metal, damage the Molecular structure, and the solid substance disappeared.

It uses warm water flushing with the cleaner agent and high-pressure air purging work alternately. 100% cleaning.

Kingkar DPF Cleaner, 60mins 100% cleaning.

Why timely and proper DPF cleaning is important - KingKar
Why timely and proper DPF cleaning is important - KingKar

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