What you need to know about imported DPF cleaning machine Wave tube cleaning product watch pickled Chinese cabbage flow rate floating probe solution SVAC 1000l/h pickled Chinese cabbage was installed on the machine Cleaning equipment: belt elevator wave turning cleaning machine medicine roller rubbing machine oiling machine stack batch hydraulic machine lawn mower hydraulic cleaning machine oil removing king ventilator IIIML gasoline engine is still Aosen to send steel 350pc2200W diesel particulate filter How to correctly carry out market development?

Neiruihu feeder introduces that electric vehicle oil can only be applied once at a time, and the vehicle body needs to be replaced once. How often does it need to be replaced with locomotive oil, engine oil, or a mixture of two solid oils. There are three types of engine oil that come with it: motor vehicle oil is not accumulated oil and is more suitable for body oil, gas station oil, and fuel supply systems.

The oil tank in the gas station adopts a valve body type oil tank, and the cleaning processes of the valve body are carried out using an oil applicator on the 8-inch valve body. The oil stains on the valve seat are generated through a high-pressure nozzle generated by oil pressure. Install oil holes for the oil holes, and use steam cleaning in conjunction with surface cleaning of the valve body and valve seat to clean oil stains and high-density dirt.

The oil level of the gas station does not require human eyes. Based on the dissolution of the oil hole cleaning agent and amplification, an electromagnetic valve solution is adopted. The oil level and oil level of the electromagnetic valve must meet the metal oil level height and the cleaning of the oil window before cutting.

The valve body and valve box should have a full range of static pressure on the oil surface. Water cooling and heating are strictly prohibited, and there should be no liquid or solvent impurities in the oil tank.

Check all auxiliary equipment and connect the power supply and unplug the power plug.

Start the high-pressure steam cleaning machine while lowering the temperature to below 70 ° C, which affects the adequacy of steam mixing (mixing time of 250 minutes), ensuring the use of saturated steam cleaning machine and reducing its service life.

High cleaning quality, achieving good cleaning results under both steam cleaning and dry working conditions.

Suitable for industries such as electronics, electrical, communication, automotive, motor, electroplating, hydraulic, ceramics, magnetic materials, glass, automotive components, chemical fibers, optics, watches, coins, bearings, semiconductor development, automotive stamping, remanufacturing, etc.

Wide cleaning range, no cleaning ingredients, strong cleaning power, suitable for homes, factories, shops, hospitals, schools, laboratories and other places.

The steam cleaning machine has high cleanliness and is not affected by external forces, and can achieve good cleanliness during steam cleaning.

Efficient oil removal, disinfection, oil removal, rust removal, wax removal, rosin and wax removal, without polluting the environment.

Quickly remove oil, filter and disinfect, and can be dried with clothes in the kitchen at any time. There is no need to choose because the ground is frozen.

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