What is the relationship between the price and quality of DPF cleaning machines? In recent years, with the development of China’s economy, the requirements for surface cleaning have become increasingly high. In order to meet the needs of a large number of users, how should the plasma cleaning machine industry be configured high?

After a series of technical practices, I believe I am still unfamiliar with atmospheric plasma cleaning machines. Today, let’s introduce what atmospheric plasma cleaning is.

To be aware of the atmospheric plasma cleaning machine, some people may be concerned about its resistance and the effect of the titration point, so prepare preventive measures before choosing.

You should understand the atmospheric plasma cleaning machine, which is suitable for surface cleaning of various materials, such as metals, semiconductors, oxides, and most polymer materials.

The power supply of plasma cleaning machines, also known as wire type multi beam multi gas arteries, generally has the following common explanations.

● Cleaning time: Place the cleaned items in the tank of the cleaning machine, and ensure that the items to be placed are best placed in the cleaning machine, and do not touch damaged items or cleaning baskets.

Cleaning temperature control: Cleaning machines are generally used between the most important processes. When using them, the first thing to do is to stop at this time. Adhere to cleaning the surface of the cleaned items to meet the requirements of the process, and then quickly clean them according to the different types of dirt on the items.

Cleaning medium: The cleaning medium is a chemical reaction, such as cleaning agent and clean water as the cleaning medium. Ultrasonic cleaning is a physical process, and industrial cleaning requires more use of cleaning medium. The following analysis shows the cleaning degree of the ultrasonic cleaning machine’s cleaning tank.

Cleaning temperature control: The cleaning machine is generally controlled above 0 ° C, and the temperature can be set to complete the workpiece that needs to be cleaned first. Then, according to the characteristics of the item, the cleaning medium can be adjusted, and an appropriate cleaning temperature can be set to complete the cleaning task of the workpiece.

● Cleaning line speed: The cleaning speed of the cleaning machine is controlled by a frequency converter, and the cleaning speed can be freely controlled. Due to the vertical recoil of the crossbeam direction of the cleaning machine, its stopping performance is determined. If the cleaning effect does not meet the specified process requirements, it is likely to affect the service life of the cleaning machine< Eod>.

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