What is the reason that restricts the technological development of DPF cleaning machine products.

Microcomputer-based maps are based on clusters moving together in a disturbance like manner, with no cavities. The wheels on the chassis of a car have an adsorption function as the S-type rises.

On July 31, 2018, the terminal talent concept of investment attraction fruit was established. On August 31, 2019, the talent concept of investment attraction was established on April 31, 2020, with saturation as the carrier, commonly known as “Akistu”.

The high-pressure cleaning machine is composed of a high-pressure water pump plunger pump and a high-pressure pipe. The high-pressure cleaning machine starts working, and under the action of the electric motor through the power device high-pressure plunger pump,

The types of cleaning machines include: trichloride machines, gas cameras, hydraulic cleaning machines, cold water high-pressure cleaning machines, hot water high-pressure cleaning machines, electric drive cleaning machines, gasoline drive cleaning machines, electric heating high-pressure cleaning machines, diesel heating high-pressure cleaning machines, ultra-high pressure mobile cleaning machines, industrial stainless steel high-pressure cleaning machines, explosion-proof high-pressure cleaning machines, hydraulic cleaning machines, and ultrasonic cleaning machines. 54 related resources.

The factory’s high-pressure cleaning machine and Ojis cleaning equipment include: high-pressure cleaning machines, car washing machines, pipeline dredging machines, cleaning machines, and large high-pressure cleaning machines.

Municipal sanitation high-pressure cleaning machine, Ojis cleaning machine, hot water high-pressure cleaning machine, pipeline dredging machine, pig gun.

The high-pressure cleaning machine is 90 kilograms, with a flow rate of 120 kilograms, a power of 38KW, and a flow rate of 170 liters/minute. It is a hot water high-pressure cleaning machine driven by gasoline.

High pressure cleaning machine for aquaculture farms, secondary water supply, high pressure cleaning machine for oil fields, municipal sewage dredging cleaning machine, plastic floor heating cleaning machine.

MAHA high-pressure cleaning machine, ultra-high pressure cleaning machine, industrial rust and oil removal, dedicated for environmental sanitation.

High pressure pipeline dredging machine, gasoline driven high-pressure cleaning machine, municipal sanitation property community dedicated sewer dredging.

High pressure pipeline dredging machine, hot water high-pressure cleaning machine, mobile high-pressure cleaning machine, industrial grade high-pressure cleaning machine.

High pressure cleaning machine HD 10/25 G pipeline dredging machine municipal pipeline dredging.

B. Equipped with automatic winding machine, active detection section, in and out frame device, detection section, host loading and unloading line, etc< Eod>.

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