What is the reason for the difficulty in exporting DPF cleaning machine products? Important details of the top 10 PCBA cleaning machines.

PCBA cleaning machine PCB cleaning machine Gas phase cleaning machine IGBT cleaning machine BGA ball planting cleaning machine PCBA flux cleaning machine Semiconductor packaging cleaning machine PCBA spray cleaning machine PCBA board cleaning OEM imported PCBA cleaning machine.

What are the characteristics of the Foresite C3 surface cleanliness tester used in the United States.

Cleaning OEM Introduction: Cleaning OEM Introduction: The maximum SP value PF is used to clean the residual rosin flux, water-soluble flux, non cleaning flux, adhesive flux, solder paste rinsing and drying methods on the surface of PCBA after welding.

Imported PCBA cleaning machine, imported water wash solder paste, Japanese ETC vacuum reflow soldering, and sterile water-based cleaning machine for cleaning machines.

JEK-360IR/YAG water cleaning machine vacuum reflow welding and furnace bone products are used for furnace head and front cleaning, and post-treatment cleaning.

The entire machine is made of imported PP board from Taiwan, and based on the excellent oxidation resistance of PP material, the appearance and interior of the machine remain as new even after years of use.

Based on the excellent chemical properties of PP board, the machine can adapt to both alkaline and acidic cleaning agents, and there is no limit on which cleaning agent to use. Acid and alkaline resistance is much better than cleaning machines made of stainless steel.

Equipped with a unique autonomous operation status monitoring system, it can conduct 24-hour online detection and protect the machine from short circuits.

The electric control cabinet is made of bent steel plates, which are waterproof, dustproof, and have a certain strength to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

Each stage is equipped with a leakage protection device, which can achieve safe operation of the workplace under good operational blocking conditions.

Design safety measures such as stable operation, stable performance, smooth start, and emergency stop by combining two different incentive methods.

● Provide various nozzles, spray guns, nozzles, rotary tubes, multi triangle fixed tubes, nozzles, screw guns, safety belts and foam core connectors.

● Cleaning of various automotive components and hard packaging parts. IC card cleaning; Cleaning of automotive stamping molds; Car engine cleaning; Fuel system cleaning; Wheel driven mesh belt cleaning; Cleaning of automotive stamping molds; Valve arrangement; Valve arrangement for industrial equipment; Cleaning of hydraulic and hardware components for valve supply; Filter devices inside high-pressure vessels; Cleaning of high-pressure spray pipelines; Oil removal on the surface of metal workpieces; Computer printing machine parts drive; Cleaning of the water flow system.

Main product: Ultrasonic cleaning machine WT-1800 F high-power cleaning machine single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine YM-1800 LYF-D four slot ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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