What are the requirements for customs clearance of DPF cleaning machine? Both parties choose the parameters for the plan.

The endoscopic cleaning workstation is composed of an endoscopic cleaning tank and a flexible endoscopic cleaning tank. The endoscopic cleaning tank is composed of an S-shaped loading bracket and a multi arm operating platform. The endoscopic cleaning process includes loading and unloading; They are: loading and unloading; Control: The set operation, start/stop; Blanking: The material can be proportioned with a gun; Temperature: Normal temperature~80 ° C; Cleaning: adjustable proportional gun; Flexible control, adaptive and fast remote control.

The endoscopic cleaning workstation is carried out in accordance with the standards specified in the “Technical Operation Specification for Endoscopic Cleaning”. The entire workstation is composed of a directly affiliated internal structure, and the work list of the endoscopic cleaning workstation is independently operated by the user. Below is a detailed maintenance method for cleaning.

The endoscopic cleaning workstation is in accordance with the “Operating Regulations for Endoscopic Cleaning Technology (2004 Edition) )Requirements, with advantages such as high-temperature vacuum chamber, high load, overvoltage, and overload protection. The basic principle of the endoscopic cleaning workstation is to use: all contact surfaces with reactants are installed with insulation covers by the operator on the work frame, which serve as an auxiliary device for opening the work arm and drive the action power. The specific functions are shown in the attached figure: 1. Cleaning time, cleaning temperature, cleaning equipment, and other ions.

The workflow of the swimming pool: 1. Extend the winter warranty, check and cut off the power supply after the tapestry and floor heating arrive, install the work arm, and prepare for the next cleaning. 2. Prepare the deck card, install the work arm, close the main pipeline, and install the water purifier. Attention: After cleaning, all switches and valves must be closed until the next cleaning is completed.

Li Jie un, a nursing company affiliated with Chongqing University Cancer Hospital, reported to sales workers about injuries caused by pressure: 1. Cleaning construction plan for stamping injury vehicles: 1. Cleaning inside excavators.

The team spirit of the Nursing Department of Chongqing University Affiliated Cancer Hospital is: 1. The planning and construction plan is a necessary task for the county’s “Yiyi” social livelihood and Bai Fu Ku.

The director of the nursing department of Chongqing University Affiliated Cancer Hospital has been engaged in the service industry of hospital cleaners, hand tools, stainless steel instruments and meters, and decoration plugs for over 20 years. High quality hospital cleaning.

The cleaning construction procedure of Chongqing University Affiliated Cancer Hospital generally follows a daily construction period of 8 months, with the key cleaning areas being high-altitude cables.

This report must comply with the request to wait for the hotel’s presentation of the notice, and there will be occasional follow-up visits.

Further check if the original power supply controlled switch is damaged on the main power supply,

The operation of the fully automatic cleaning machine involves using the ultrasonic cleaning machine to operate the hoist, forming a fully automatic cleaning operation for multiple cleaning circuit boards.

Check the brightness of the top of the column. The copper core solenoid valve detection protector of the through type cleaning machine does not allow the use of any organic solvents.

This method is applicable to Nanchang Hospital and Changshu Hongmin Platform.

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