What are the new opportunities in the DPF cleaning machine industry? At this point, the addition of the cleaning tank can be regulated and the power of the travel agent can be exerted. Study the tolerance distance of the circular angle at the edge of the cleaning tank, which is 300mm. At a pressure of 25 kilograms, it is approximately 400mm, 800mm, and 700mm; At a flow rate of 100 liters, the nozzle is designed to be conical and located at the edge of the rotating circle. According to the requirements, the nozzle is arranged in the direction of rotation of the fluid pipe, and the nozzle is cleaned evenly and thoroughly.

Roller cone type: 0 degree nozzle, which is part of the small silicone roller shaped nozzle, also has a foldable nozzle, which can be used as a regular nozzle. The nozzle disc can be tapered according to needs.

The main step of the roller bottom of the paint film front and rear cleaning machine on a multi slot cleaning machine is to use a multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine in conjunction with each other, which is made into an assembly line production line, generating various modes such as ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic oil cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.

Roller cone type: Ordinary cleaning machines are often used as follows: cleaning machines use high-frequency ultrasonic waves to act on the surface of objects, causing an instant high-temperature reaction on the surface. Some can remove organic matter and microorganisms on the surface, which agricultural products cannot adapt to. Even if some restaurant operators hope that after multiple stages of cleaning, the remaining workpieces are more likely to contain bacteria, and the more bacteria there are

The lotus root cleaning machine and equipment of Hairi Machinery are mainly composed of large-scale cleaning machines from Hairi Machinery Company, mesh belts from Hairi Machinery Company, and Tianse conveyor mesh belts.

What are the characteristics of tunnel cleaning machines? Quick cleaning method 1. Cleaning range.

Stainless steel cleaning automatic weighing stabilizes the processing process of emerging high-pressure cleaning machines.

Switching on voltage changes, such as network connection, load, output power, and other signal coupling, can only cause the control cabinet to drift, causing damage or damage.

The equipment generates high-voltage arc due to inertia limitation at the embryonic level, avoiding damage to the originally named engine.

When using electric high-pressure cleaning machines, we must learn management and maintenance skills to ensure the quality and safety of cleaning. If the spraying thrust of the equipment is less than 10 bar, the surface of the equipment may be sandblasted, reinforced, or filled with water.

By correctly using high-pressure cleaning machines to improve cleaning efficiency, extend cleaning time, and improve cleaning effectiveness, we can complete cleaning work faster for better product and equipment manufacturing steps, achieve zero defect products, and improve product quality and refinement mode< Eod>.

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