In the production of DPF cleaning machine drawings, it is necessary to master these skills, including responsibility, fines, operations, environmental analysis, energy utilization, and so on.

Mainly used for coating common silicon wafers, sapphire wafers, ceramic wafers, etc.

The solvent materials and cleaning fluids used have the characteristics of flammability, low toxicity, and high efficiency. Therefore, they are widely used in plasma, gas cameras, and digital environments. The treatment process using these active ingredients is mainly used to treat PET films, die-casting films, transparent films, polyimide films, or glass fibers that are relatively similar in size and size.

Food pharmaceuticals: pancakes, shrimp, conveyor belts, biscuits, duck skeletons, beef, chicken legs, chicken wings, German sources.

Electronic industry: including robots, automation equipment, hydraulic components, silicon wafers, capacitors, communication products, ILT printing equipment, hydraulic components, compressors, communication products, electrical equipment, engines, ICT systems, generator sets, alarms, electronic tubes, bearings, water pump terminals, industrial control technology and tools, magnetic materials, conductivity meters, shock absorbers, hard disk configurations, solar cells, wind power converters.

Textile industry: carpet machines, spinnerets, traction machines, spare parts and decorative materials, textile equipment, clothing stands, printing equipment, pressure vessels, etc.

Hardware and tableware industry: tableware cleaning and disinfection equipment, endoscope MT tableware cleaning and disinfection machinery, flat surfaces and accessories, jewelry, bank covers, wood bags, various fasteners, hardware parts, and medical equipment.

Wood industry: furniture, papermaking, wood, solid wood furniture, marine purification towers, stove heads, heaters, fans, starters, food troughs, stoves, wooden pallets, such as Zulishi, Qinzhuang, DuPont, Lingdu, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: Endoscopic equipment cleaning, disinfection, and drying machines, endoscopic cavity cleaning machines, flexible endoscopic cleaning machines, drug turnover box cleaning machines, filling machines, tie pressure endoscopic machines, manual loading of refrigerators, carts, and tray cleaning machines.

Construction industry: The surface of the environment around the front of the house is constant for the indoor and outdoor environment of the construction industry, such as legume boilers and heavy buildings, exterior wall demolition, surface color platforms, and sliding rail cleaning.

Production industry: pressure controllers for processing and replacing welded pipes, circulating cabinets, recycling systems, and weighing control instrument boxes after internal and external contracting.

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