There are several areas where the DPF cleaning machine is unclear. Let me explain them to you below.

Working pressure: 2013 Tang Yufei vacuum steam car washing machine Ratio: 07 S Washing sequence: 1. Working flow rate: 7 S 345, engine power: 96kW.

Working hours: 2. Determine the parts to be cleaned, clean the damaged parts, and then rinse them with water.

Users of steam cleaning machines are very satisfied with the cleaning effect and are worthy of having a variety and functional size of cleaning machines.

The steam cleaning process, which is actively set and stopped before cleaning, allows the steam self-cleaning device to quickly condense, and then rinse with water through the filter screen.

The cleaning process of a high-temperature and high-pressure steam cleaning machine includes four basic elements: pollutants, medium, matrix, and cleaning force. However, our concern is that the high-pressure steam produced by the high-pressure steam cleaning machine sprays steam through the nozzle, due to the high temperature and.

At present, especially for high-temperature and high-pressure steam cleaning machines with built-in steam heating pipes, their output can reach a high steam temperature, which can ensure the direct discharge of steam after use and achieve a high efficiency cleaning effect. However, ordinary sterilization and heating tube steam sterilization methods cannot meet the sterilization requirements of food sterilizers, so when using sterilization methods.

Before use, check whether the connections of various components of the high-pressure steam cleaning machine are secure and whether the electrical parts are loose. If there is any looseness, it is necessary to tighten it in a timely manner. Properly increase the steam pressure to ensure that the high-pressure steam sterilizer is in a safe state and reliably sealed on both sides of the equipment. Ensure pressure balance. Finally, check if there is any leakage in the water pumping device valve, and the clothes still work normally after being sterilized by high-pressure steam.

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For the quality and performance of the product, choose the sterilization method for medical sterilization equipment.

Medical sterilizers are suitable for medical hygiene, room temperature sterilization, operating room culture, various components, glass solution, aviation, luxury, office equipment, civil control, industrial hardware, and other medical uses that require attention to pollution and hazards for sterilization.

For disinfection of medical ultrasonic cleaning machines, breathing, power grid, and air source must be installed in the cleaning tank; Install an air filtration device along each nozzle; Use the water source 360 ° evenly.

Used for degreasing and rust removal of mechanical components, filtering hydraulic fluid, lubricating oil, cutting fluid, abrasives, dismantling agents, solvents, acidification, white rust, disinfection, etc.

Suitable for disinfection and sterilization of medical items in hospitals, or using various types of baby care, additives, lubricants, and special occasions, also suitable for flame type.

Transparent equipment, medical equipment, optical components, wave soldering chains, ultrasonic soldering components, and various adhesive chains suitable for various industries.

We can customize fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines, high-pressure spray cleaning machines, and drying equipment according to customers’ special requirements.

Equipped with four different nozzles, it can clean in all directions.

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