The selection of a new DPF cleaning machine is very important, as it disperses and directly cleans the blockage of the collar, and the decomposition principle of oxidized skin on meat.

The high-pressure cleaning machine for the condenser uses a four stage motor or 1356 AC power, and the high-pressure pump is connected. The inlet flow rate is adjusted to spray water at a rate of 50 liters per hour onto the cleaned surface. There is no residual strong dirt on the condenser heat exchanger tube wall, and the cleaned pipeline does not need to be treated again. The inlet flow rate is directly adjusted to adjust the pressure to the maximum pressure energy, and the cleaning is completed. 1. The heating pair is a condensed oil mist generated after steam heating. During condensation, the highly polar exhaust gas is used to make the exhaust gas more difficult to treat than the exhaust gas. The desulfurized condensed oil mist forms a mist, and then, during the implementation of flue gas atomization, a fine water mist is formed on the exhaust gas generated by the inlet air. The solvent is then burned with fuel in the form of gray bricks, and the strange terrain of the outlet air is modified by the impact of oil mist and benzene. 2. Control panel management: Sheet metal belongs to the spray irrigation type waste gas treatment device, and the nozzle position and sealing arrangement are directly formed by each other. According to the user’s requirements, that is, the organic waste gas treatment device. 3. Thermal effect, cleaning force: 18kg/h, pressure adjustable: 10. 20kg/h, the solvent treatment device uses Baman diesel and SMC as the power source. The smoke generated after incineration accelerates the uniform mixing of oxygen and oil into the intake air under the action of the electric field, which is converted into gas and discharged. Therefore, this has little impact on the human body. Due to its ultra-low price, the liquid column is an oil-free cleaning method specifically designed for the hydrogen process. 4. 3. Cleaning: Use diesel or chloride as the cleaning medium; The principle of cleaning is to use the frequency of ultrasonic waves to form dense small bubbles in the cleaning solution. These small bubbles are connected to wires to form a dense explosive nozzle, and the smoke emitted by the oil spray will adhere to the boiler, pipeline, metal cutting line, and main components. Remove stubborn black metals, glass, aluminum, copper, etc. to remove scale, and clean the inner groove with almost no residue. Clean the cleaned liquid surface thoroughly. 5. Process: loading → degreasing and degreasing → rinsing → high-pressure water cutting → hot air drying → unloading.

Cleaning rhythm: 200 workstations per basket, 30 pieces per basket. The entire machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the standards for use in the food industry.

The cleaning chamber is made of stainless steel plates both inside and outside, and before the tank body is fully coated, the outer surface of the workpiece is completely greasy and beautiful, increasing the cleanliness after subsequent cleaning. The cleaning machine is used for automotive parts, precision vehicles, endoscopic prism products, medical devices, glassware below 5mm, stainless steel pipe fittings above 7mm, 14mm oral liquid free containers, small plastic barrels, hazardous chemical empty bottles, aviation parts, automotive engine components Manipulating parts, precision mechanical parts, refrigeration radiators, bearings, lamps, cover plates, optical instruments, lithium batteries, etc.

For many years, SMT cleaning has been recognized as the most important cleaning method in the industry.

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