The raw material list of DPF cleaning machine needs to include the following content: 1. For purchasing A smoking machine, it can be set according to the model of the detection card. 2. Those who choose to purchase vacuum cleaners generally have a relatively large working capacity and simple actions. 3. Those who choose to purchase vacuum cleaners generally have a relatively large working capacity. Find a reliable model to increase their efficiency. 4. If you purchase an electric vacuum cleaner, you can set it according to the adjustment ratio of the testing tool to monitor the operation of the machine. 5. If you purchase a distribution cabinet, the relativity will increase. During the warranty period, you can add straps to collect power cords and distribution equipment for the distribution cabinet. 6. Purchase actual products, investigate relevant factors and blockages to ensure safe use.

After 6 months of use, if necessary cleaning is required for the range hood, the valve head should not be used for the air switch because the wires inside are impellers. It is best to replace them with new ones and contact the maintenance point. Buyers only need to buy a filter element with a flow rate of 58KG, which is even more important. We don’t use range hood fans for household use, it’s better to be safe. We all have a range hood fan with a single product of one or two thousand. Which one is better for the range hood? In the future, maintenance mainly involves removing the impeller, using a column type cable, extracting air from the air hood, sealing the pipeline, and finally installing a motor inside the column hood to fully utilize the high performance of the column and motor. It is attached to the ventilation position to reduce equipment and motor maintenance costs.

After installation, please follow the prescribed procedures and take a picture of the safety program. Thank you for your understanding! The installation of a range hood requires two years of beginner experience and no more than 200 hours of maintenance. Apart from key maintenance, there will be no common malfunctions of electrical appliances or range hoods. Installation method: Install the range hood 2, level the fan, exhaust the air to the positive air exhaust station, empty the air hood, and purify the oil fume outside.

In order to cooperate with the selection of small restaurants and the implementation of household service projects for leisure and entertainment, which is of great significance for alternative development, all new and old customers would like to know how to install them correctly? Firstly, we divide it into several processes: 1. Firmly install the vehicle, 2. Mold the vehicle, and 3. Find a product with a uniform surface.

What is a range hood? The range hood is divided into five categories: quality, range hood, purification system, air dryer, gas stove, oil-free air compressor, shell fan, blade nozzle, filter screen, fan cover, motor, oxygen generator, butterfly valve, outer cover, exhaust pipe, throat plate, negative pressure blocking machine, and special oil collection tank. Due to the characteristics of catering products, your Desen Xi’an Hotel allows you to clean the range hood every day, especially in countries in deep Europe.

The basic principle of a range hood: Firstly, to clean the air flow, the suction motor drives the impeller to rotate at high speed. When the aspirated gasoline is sprayed onto the surface of the suction material, it rotates to transfer the suction force to the chassis for fixation, and the cleaning agent and accessories are simultaneously removed.

Vertical electromagnetic heating furnace with mechanical automatic control of oil inlet electromagnetic flow, used for smoking oil fumes in steel mills, self catering.

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