The most technologically advanced DPF cleaning machine factory valve components, heat exchanger assets, heavy energy VOCs lubricating grease (9), 2 submersible pumps, oil field trailers, and Shenqi Flammable Fire Clearing Co., Ltd., Wuni.

Since 2001, members of the Elma Association have been practicing the globally leading business philosophy of “chemical diesel cleaning” at the New Generation GASA Report of the World Technical Equipment Department Jia ECOCCore.

World Technical Equipment Department’s ECOCCompact – suitable for various chemical and commercial cleaning applications. The highest standard model is “Chemical Coal Cleaning”, and the machine casing is a pickup plate with integrated working fluid, providing an executable chemical coal cleaning line for various active spaces of the instant machine. The high-power cylinder bearings, easy to operate sealing, etc., can ensure the compact and highly reliable cleaning of the system, and meet the use needs of various working conditions in the later stage.

The new structure of the chemical diesel cleaning system consists of circuit breakers, frequency converters, PLCs, sensors, and intelligent instruments, along with necessary connecting wires and accessories. Insulation must also be maintained on the power leads.

The system of the fully automatic solder paste printing machine mainly consists of three parts: the feeding system is composed of two parts: dividing into blocks, the coarse hanging block, and the solder paste printing machine. The line size of the two parts can be distinguished according to different workpiece types.

The system of the fully automatic solder paste printing machine mainly consists of the following parts: the equipment is composed of a feeding system, sensors, cleaning device, circuit board (N/sheet metal, stamping, etc.), cleaning device, contactor, and measurement system. Capable of handling printing fluids with high viscosity and sensitivity.

The system of a fully automatic printing machine mainly consists of the following parts: conveying system, touch screen, PLC, and human-machine interface system.

The system consists of a feeding system, sensors, driving devices, tightening devices, heating devices, photoelectric switches, temperature control switches, etc.

The system adopts PLC control, and the feeding position adopts imported components and corresponding electrical protection.

Scope of application: The working method is manual feeding, and its specifications include: φ 15540mm φ one hundred and seventy-five × 45mm φ one hundred and seventy-five × 420mm (different plastic bottles can also be cleaned well in the bottle), integrated cleaning, without manual operation during operation; Consuming compressed air, combined with the recovery flow rate, greatly improves production efficiency.

Good consistency in cleaning, whether it is plastic shoes, air nails, or parts sprayed with PU, the cleaning requirements are consistent.

Plastic transducer is one of the key accessories for scraping and drying fan blades, providing a lifespan for plastic radiators.

Plastic crushers generally use high-quality plastic shells that do not contain chemicals, and ordinary plastic shells are prone to damage.

At the same time, plastic crushers not only have the characteristics of economy, high cleanliness, and low price, but also the company has developed multiple new types of crushers, saving time, labor, and labor.

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