The most powerful supplier of DPF cleaning machines: the new car washing machine of Fushun South Railway Era.

● Space saving: Short gun car wash room for sale, high-pressure cleaning machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines, small high-pressure cleaning machines.

● Will not damage equipment: computer control, wood crusher, powder metallurgy machine, circuit breaker, high-pressure chiller, machine tool, tachometer, high-pressure chiller, tractor, gasoline engine, battery, etc.

Adopting modular design, low maintenance cost: directly put into operation from the main station, automated control, monitoring, audio operation, manual boosting, instant heating, saving floor space, etc.

Simple: Place the high-pressure cleaning machine accessory inside the box, press the start button, and the machine will be automatically washed clean by the upper and lower high-pressure cleaning machines.

Adopting computer control, adjustable frequency conversion, and upgraded timing function, the cleaning is more thorough, ensuring the requirements for object cleaning.

The high production capacity of century old automated cleaning equipment, the use of cleaning machines, and the rapid development of cleaning machine manufacturers have accelerated the cleaning machine market, which can be achieved with only 7 units and considerable benefits.

Unplug the driving power supply of the cleaning machine and check if the power supply is disconnected;

Turn on the power supply above the cleaning machine, open the power supply inside the cleaning box, and clean it first.

At the beginning of the cleaning operation, our company is responsible for placing cylinders and insulation materials attached to more than three sections under the hood and connecting them to the power supply.

After washing, turn off the power of the cold Changchun ultrasonic cleaning machine, turn on the power switch, pay attention to the water in the cleaning tank, and add water after the water tank is discharged.

After washing, take out the refrigerator and open it to reveal the details.

This device is directly connected from the refrigerated storage. Interviewed users enter the refrigerated storage and operate the panel for flushing. The ice water uses the physical principle of gas to spiral compress and freeze the refrigerator, forming freezing burrs to remove freezing phenomena, such as golf courses, trains, ships, high-rise buildings, etc.

Popular product recommendations: Welding melon reflux type continuous drawing bubble cleaning machine, screw frame cleaning machine, fully automatic tray cleaning machine, pulling embryo cleaning machine, high-pressure cleaning machine, level gauge water supply machine, horizontal vertical cleaning machine, and other specialized accessory consumables cleaning equipment.

After the installation of the equipment, provide free guidance and training to the designated operators of your company, so that they can master the operation methods of the equipment and carry out regular maintenance.

From the date of equipment acceptance and delivery for use, a one-year free warranty will be provided for the product (including the cost of naturally damaged parts. If the damage is caused by improper operation by your company’s personnel, only the appropriate material fee will be charged after negotiation). After the warranty period expires, our company provides a sexual warranty for the product, only charging an appropriate cost fee and exempting labor costs.

Your company provides lifelong maintenance services for products, which is the key to lifelong maintenance for the production manager. Therefore, timely dispatch professional technical personnel to your company for maintenance and repair.

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