Learn the most effective knowledge of DPF cleaning machine products.

The unique rotating brush design can make the operation efficiency more reliable. Optional brush body system (including nozzle, irregular brush, mini brush), and can also adjust the height of the main brush and the vertical bristles of the brush.

The capacity of the pump can not only improve cleaning efficiency, but also increase flow rate. At the same time, external operation training can also be provided to ensure that the equipment has good operational efficiency.

A more user-friendly operating interface enables users to easily grasp the operation and monitoring of the device, thereby better leveraging its functionality.

A more user-friendly operating interface enables users to easily grasp the working status of the device. The motor function switch of the bypass motor can enable the operator to maintain the correct rotation and direction of rotation. At the same time, the pressure sensors of each moving part protect the liquid from being evaporated into the pump body and will not produce liquid on the pump and plunger.

The operation method is clear and beautiful at a glance, making it easier to control and capture customers’ daily use, and customers do not have to worry about round-trip issues.

The operation starts from the air outlet, and this process only requires placing the workpiece to be cleaned on the conveyor belt. Through intelligent settings, when the cleaning chamber and output transformer are connected to a long object, they can be directly connected to the working position. Of course, the local water shortage environment can also be used. The principle of submersible sewage discharge is adopted to design and produce a filter screen, which facilitates the daily maintenance work of the large processing chamber and improves work efficiency.

● Service system: Provide engineering and equipment installation management, installation, debugging, training, procurement personnel, engineering project management, and maintenance reference.

Operation issues, renovation issues, steel decoration issues, site transportation issues, bridge contracting status, etc. of engineering building facades.

● Cleaning of building exterior walls, cleaning of various building roofs, outdoor cleaning, dam cleaning, tank cleaning, oil pollution cleaning, oil fume pipeline cleaning, waterproof coating, carburetor cleaning, cement plant oil pollution cleaning, steel plant oil pollution cleaning, air pump cleaning, greenhouse flower rain lake cleaning, generator repair, including land use, ecological bureau environmental management, cleaning of farm, ranch, oil field, archives, air compression station, power plant electrical system Hoisting, cleaning of fertilizer plants and scientific research institutions, air compression stations, soil, oil spill stations, warehouses, power stations, municipal, military, municipal water supply and drainage, external cables, etc.

The company undertakes to lease the gasoline high-pressure cleaning machine L215/380 high-pressure cleaning machine G10/11.

C0510/380 High Pressure Cleaning Machine G10/620 High Pressure Cleaning Machine G10/440 High Pressure Cleaning Machine specializes in cleaning, oil suction, oil drainage, rust removal, wax removal, glue removal, and pry plates, as well as equipment baskets, fixed frames, water tanks, high-pressure pipe nozzles, metal nozzles, hardware parts, clock parts, lead products, PVC, aluminum products, metal processing stamping, precision hardware parts, automotive parts, engineering machinery parts, locomotive internal combustion engines Engineering machinery components, passenger cars, refrigerated car towers, crankshafts, gears, camshafts, bearings, animal oil pumps, bearings, subway diaphragms, various automotive components, motorcycles, valves, building hardware, motors, railway systems, actuators, cutting knives, communication motors, hardware tools, cameras, commercial injectors, metal nozzles, IT satisfiers, such as powder discharge, architecture, bathtubs, IT pumps, automotive re molding Industrial control devices and various automotive components, hardware tools.

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