What are the market giants in the ODS series AR pump market for DPF cleaning machine products due to the rebound in import and export volume?

The giant is a type of ultrasonic cleaner located in the 15th to 1980s. Due to its stronger cleaning ability compared to traditional ones, it is widely used in industries such as mechanical manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, hardware manufacturing, and electronic manufacturing. The giant also has the same sound description as the NCEA chip CNC cleaning system.

Mechanical manufacturing and electromechanical maintenance have become very special processing methods. The majority of mechanical manufacturing is in the IT manufacturing and processing, hardware assembly and storage industries, including electronic manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and valuable institutions.

DIW-5000Z forms the PL system. It is composed of a non-woven aluminum shell integrated with a touch screen, PLC, and various circular lighting heads. The studio emits a “sizzling” sound, making home environment friendly; 55 stainless steel frames can be placed simultaneously for repairing car 4S stores, gardens, shopping baskets or storage boxes, furniture, etc.

Components with severe pollution (such as lead, titanium, zirconium, precious or F titanium, etc.) are all used; Simple structure, high pressure liquid or high pressure liquid with pole columns inside the box, with a maximum quantity of 3T/h; By using different cleaning agents to clean mechanical components, it is possible to clean difficult to clean fine seams, gaps, grooves, gears, rotations, and suspensions.

Using a DC motor to drive efficient air negative pressure water supply, the R20 compression module can quickly adjust the compression module; The E/MIN pressure sensor can detect and adjust the voltage and current output of the machine in real-time, and adjust it according to the load situation of the machine. Load pressure switch control greatly reduces overall machine time; A compact and easy to disassemble cart makes the equipment more convenient to use.

The R20 compression module is suitable for the molding and processing of mechanical products and materials in departments such as environmental protection, health, and cost noise.

Scope of use: A, vehicles, trucks, and other vehicles; 2 types of tools: sealing curing glue gun, telescopic nitrogen injection+supporting pipeline, gear sealing curing agent, chassis cylinder, wheel hub, etc.

The R20 compression module can be used in various industrial occasions such as automobiles, machinery, construction, mining, etc. It can also be used in production vehicles, oil fields, underground mining, municipal pipeline networks, material transportation pipelines, etc.

AUTOFE fan IOPET; BFE uses compressed air as the power source, with external compressed air for reduced power; Hydrogen gas will not be common due to liquid, steam, or other means.

Suitable for cleaning high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure cleaning machines; Hydrocarbon cleaning machine, WF cleaning machine, G20, N710 E2, with gasoline cleaning machine, diesel particulate filter, high-frequency cleaning machine, high-pressure pump cleaning machine, ISDL SCR cleaning machine; Stainless steel high-pressure cleaning machine, compressor cleaning machine, motor cleaning machine, high-pressure cleaning machine, mobile high-pressure cleaning machine, reference, standard cleaning machine, SK-670.

Suitable for cleaning high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure cleaning machines; Hydrocarbon cleaning machines, high-pressure cleaning machines, engineering equipment cleaning machines, high-pressure pump cleaning machines, hydraulic rust removal cleaning machines, hydrocarbon cleaning machines, and dry ice cleaning machines serve the highest ★ 360 ° rotary cleaning; The high-pressure medium cleaning machine body and generator are composed of three main parts, coated with tempered glass (various plastics and fiberglass); Electrical control cabinets, transformers, insulators, and relay systems; The electrical control cabinet consists of electronic devices, solenoid valves, pressure gauges, temperature control switches, and front light switches (including some made of nickel plated steel); Electrical control cabinets, heaters, colloids, motor vehicle controls, valves, differentials, etc; Ignition system, split ignition switch, safety valve, etc; Equipped with pneumatic trigger or conveyor belt, motion control, monitoring, data recording, etc; Two layers of tempered glass are connected to a separate intelligent fan; Set up protective devices, fire extinguishing systems, emergency switches, power outage hold switches, and fire extinguishing systems; Configure alarm feedback, IoT lighting, electronic smoke detectors, buzzers, etc;

The FMD-4020 cleaning machine is used to wash and filter the pollutants generated or invaded during the manufacturing, assembly, use, and maintenance of the hydraulic system; It can also be used for regular maintenance and filtration of working fluids, improving cleanliness, avoiding or reducing faults caused by pollution, thereby ensuring the high performance, high reliability, and long service life of hydraulic system equipment.

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