The DPF cleaning machine industry is showing a significant growth trend, cleaning epoxy resin floors, extending the service life of cleaning car tires, fully automatic, intelligent, automated, and intelligent upgrades, bringing efficient and convenient one-stop cleaning equipment to customers.

High cleanliness: The volatile amount of activated carbon is located in the front cleaning basket, suitable for handling mild oil stains;

Environmental protection and energy conservation: Elma ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts a method to achieve energy utilization efficiency, using non combustible organic solvents and other consumed resources, combined with hydrocarbon solvents for cleaning. Not only does it not have large reactions, multi-purpose, and volatile properties, but it is a clean cleaning method. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning machines can reduce waste and reduce environmental pollution.

To avoid chip interoperability after cleaning the chip, a highly sensitive professional plasma treatment equipment can clean the chip at once;

● Comply with national environmental protection requirements: Strictly investigate “NPN” EST, use 2 atmospheric dust removal operations, with good dust removal effect and can be used for a long time;

Equipped with friction parts to ensure that the machine parts and material boxes do not require additional disassembly and the handling process is simple;

Equipped with a 24 volt starter, when the pump head vibrates below;

Equipped with EEM monitors to scan electronic components; Equipped with EEM monitor and scanning power meter display.

The usage method of the fully automatic cleaning machine The usage steps of the ultrasonic cleaning machine Daily maintenance precautions The usage method of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is fully automatic to share.

Shanxi Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Environmental Protection Hydrocarbon Cleaning Machine Electrolytic Mold Cleaning Machine Knife Handle Tool Cleaning Machine Anilox Roller Cleaning Machine Steel Strip Cleaning Machine Industrial Environmental Protection Sewage Treatment.

Product Introduction: Hydrocarbon cleaning machine, which completes the cleaning and drying of hardware parts in a vacuum state.

The anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used for cleaning solvents such as water-based ink, UV curing ink, glue, silicone oil, etc.

Specializing in the production of various types of ultrasonic cleaning and drying machines, spray cleaning machines, and designing and developing systems.

The concept of “strengthening domestic and foreign technological cooperation” has established long-term cooperation and development strategic relationships with well-known enterprises such as Japan and South Korea.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are integrated and constantly innovate to meet customer needs. The products are widely used in industries such as LCD, medical devices, hardware, jewelry, lighting, electronics, instruments, watches, bearings, machinery, electroplating, precision components, optics, chemical fibers, plastics, semiconductors, automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, etc., to remove oil stains, polishing wax, fine dust, ink, fingerprints, soldering flux, and other attachments on objects.

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● Labor saving: The cleaning equipment takes out the product and places it on the conveyor belt, requiring only one person to watch or one person to watch two or more machines at the same time, which can save labor. The highly popular cleaning equipment made into an automatic assembly line can save more space, making the entire factory planning smaller, more compact, and exquisite.

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