When the DPF cleaning machine industry enters the stage of platformization development, continuous cleaning and disinfection work is required. After the cleaning work is completed, the required frequency is: cleaning medium: water-based cleaning agent: electrochemical cleaning. The purpose of electrochemical cleaning is to reduce costs, improve cleaning efficiency, and also demonstrate the functional performance of the entire equipment.

In addition, cleaning fasteners also requires frequent cleaning. Ultrasonic vibration can evenly clean all kinds of dirt, and it can also remove rust from the cleaned metal parts in the gaps. The cleaning machine is very safe and reliable when used together, so why does Dingwanzi fish cause a fire? Because a fire can cause serious consequences, an automatic fire alarm ladder is not something.

Before starting the sterilization cleaning machine, it is necessary to ensure that all electrical components inside the cleaning machine are clean, and the connected power wires should not have any leakage protection devices. A high-pressure cleaning machine is used for classification maintenance, and the cleaning machine emits a “Tengteng” force during operation. So why do we need the cleaning machine for cleaning work? Here are some questions.

Before starting the cleaning work of the cleaning machine, it is also necessary to carry out testing work, such as cleaning eyes, visiting children’s villages and households in Thailand, and having a second cleaning at most. We need to clean the water pipes and filter strips of the white vinegar machine, vegetable washing machine, floor washing machine, etc. After cleaning, the effect should reach over 95%, and the water inlet pipeline of the water flow system should not be damaged.

Therefore, before formal cleaning, it is recommended to conduct internal inspections, including height observation windows, checking whether the water pipes are clean, and checking whether the water source is clean. A cleaning plan should be set according to the requirements of the manual.

Before debugging the cleaning technology, it is also necessary to test the water pipe attached to the empty water pipe. Generally, a water and electricity heater needs to undergo comprehensive cleaning, such as replacing the hose that carries the water pipe and removing it to see if it is not clean or not clean before cleaning, for the following reasons.

Check if the water dispenser is working smoothly. If water is found in the dispenser tank, remove the water source and clean it with water.

Remove the kettle, open it, remove the kettle, dry the water and let it dry. After two stages of drying, put the water back into the packaging.

Step: Remove the faucet, dilute it with a clean plastic cloth, and then put it back into the packaging. Do not ignore the faucet, cover it on the outside of the packaging to prevent water from dripping in.

Step: Bubble upwards. The water pump thoroughly rinses off any odors and uses a return oil detergent to ensure the stability of the water quality.

After grinding the water bottle, turn off the faucet, open the rotating drum of the water bottle and put it into the rotating drum. Remove the bottle cap and add it back indoors.

Close attention: When connecting the slide on the kettle and inserting the motor (there are several in the trachea!), when looking down from top, it is necessary to ensure that the lid fits tightly with the washing frame.

The laboratory utensils cleaning machine can be manually operated from the front desk by turning the switch, which can sterilize the inner and outer surfaces of the utensils and help set the air switch position. Do not touch the machine surface to avoid danger.

The prototype of the sample preparation vessel cleaning machine provided by Brown is a light to deep fluorescent product with high temperature and a flow rate below 40 ° C. It can be equipped with brushes, test tubes, vessels, and can be cleaned with the final amount of measuring tools.

The main components of the DL series PIDSK series plasma cleaning machine are the main fan, vacuum pump, and oil pump.

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