Q&A about KingKar DPF Cleaning Machine

1. How is the cleaning effect?

Answer: The effect is very good, the cleaning effect can reach 99%. Because we use one shot-through technology alternately washing and purging technology can thoroughly clean the stubborn blockages on the surface of DPF, DOC, and SCR.

2. What are the wearing parts?

Answer: Don’t worry, we will distribute the worn parts together with the machine. If we need to replace them in the future, we can all send them directly from the factory.

3. How long is the machine warranty?

Answer: Our machines are generally guaranteed for 1 year free of charge, but in order to support agent customers, we provide an 8-year warranty service. During the warranty period, all our wearing parts and accessories are provided free of charge.

4. After the sale?

Answer: We have a dedicated after-sales service team. From the first day after the order is confirmed, the after-sales service team will contact you about the delivery address and delivery requirements and will send you the packaging pictures of the goods before delivery.

When the machine is shipped, there will be a dedicated person responsible for the transport of documents.

When the machine is about to arrive in Hong Kong, someone will notify the arrival time in advance, and will inform the machine of the preparation for the first test, and will send the operation video.

When testing the machine for the first time, someone will have a video conference with the customer and teach the customer step-by-step how to operate it.

When the machine fails in the future, someone will have a video conference with the customer, step by step to teach the customer to find out the specific reason and guide the replacement of wearing parts.

For agents, our after-sales service team can also assist customers in marketing and after-sales service for end users.

5. Are there any peers?

Answer: Kingkar’s washing machine is the first and only one in the world that uses washing and purging alternately.

6. Will the cleaning cycle be delayed?

Answer: It is generally recommended to clean at 100,000 kilometers for the first time and every 30,000 to 50,000 kilometers for the second time.

7. Does the manufacturer accept trade-ins?

Answer: No, because new machines will be developed with new technologies, and old machines are of little use to us.

8. Suitable for gasoline and diesel vehicles?

Answer: We are suitable for diesel vehicles, light trucks, and heavy trucks are compatible.

9. Is it OEM? What is the MOQ of the OEM?

Answer: We do not do OEM, only Kingkar brand, because we are trying our best to develop this brand into a world-renowned brand.

10. Does the whole machine have a certificate?

Answer: Our machine has a certificate of conformity, and we have also registered for CE certification. Therefore, the equipment can be used in European and American countries without any problems.

11. Under normal operation, if something goes wrong, is our company responsible?

Answer: Under normal circumstances, as long as you operate the equipment in accordance with the operation manual, there will be no problems, because our equipment is designed with 12 major safety devices.

12. Is it possible to clean all sizes of DPF?

Answer: Yes, because the maximum design size of the tray of our workbench is 420mm, it can clean all sizes of DPF.

13. How long does it take to clean the DPF?

Answer: We use a fully automatic internal circulation cleaning system, and it only takes 33 minutes to clean the DPF.

14. Security?

Answer: Our whole machine is assembled tightly to fully guarantee the safety of the machine, the car DPF and the operator.

15. Operation steps (see video)

   We have a dedicated operation video explaining how to operate it. The operation is very simple, just follow the process, step by step.

16. Shelf life (complete machine, wearing parts)

Answer: The whole machine is guaranteed for one year (provided that the machine is operated in strict accordance with the operation manual provided by the manufacturer). In order to help the agent distribute the goods, it can provide an eight-year warranty.

17. Professional video, manual

Answer: We have all of these. If you need other languages, you need the customer to help us translate. We can do it.

18. Is it sold in China?

Answer: Our Kingkar DPF5.0 and DPF6.0 equipment are only sold abroad. We sell the old equipment before this in the Chinese market, but the 5.0 and 6.0 models are our latest equipment. We design this type of equipment, mainly Make him a global brand, so currently we only sell to foreign markets.

19. Is it refundable?

Answer: If it is the manufacturer’s quality problem or is not satisfied with the cleaning effect, we will provide a “refundable” policy within 30 days of receipt of the goods.

20. Can the machine and cleaning agent be bought separately?

Answer: Yes. You can buy a machine and add a small amount of cleaning agent. Buy the cleaning agent when it is used up.

If you want to know more about the KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine, welcome to contact us!

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