Prediction of the price trend of raw materials for DPF cleaning machines. Regarding the size of existing stainless steel cleaning equipment in the market, professional technical processes are required, and there is a good production and scale of cleaning processes. After automatic cleaning of the machine, the specification width (length) × wide × High) 700 × 1500 (per day) 600 × 360 (days) 800 (days) ×× 720 (F) 600 × 600 (F) 600 × 700 (H) 600 × 700 (F) 600 × 700 (and F) 600 × 700 (and F) 600 × 700 (F) 0008N/cathode ion fan gas purifier, gas type exhaust gas emission detection instrument, annular fan vertical frame centrifugal separator, and various instruments and meters below.

If the cleaning method is adopted, 12 cleaning cylinders with oil-water mixed cleaning nozzles should be installed in the cleaning section. After the oil stains and residual liquid are discharged, they should be sequentially discharged to the liquid outlet of this tank, and then discharged to the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning cylinder, the top of the tank, the top of the rinsing tank, the overflow discharge tank, and the oil-water separation tank;

There is no cleaning solution or any form of liquid particle jet in the cleaning tank;

When cleaning, it is important to remember that the maximum distance from the spraying point should be at least greater than the spraying area, and the specified pressure can be used for spraying cleaning.

When cleaning the hanging rack, remember to keep the highest temperature at 80 ° C away from the spraying point;

The cleaning rack must be kept away from the spray area and away from water vapor, corrosive gases, dust, etc.

There is no cleaning solution or any gas in the cleaning tank, which will change with working time. The cleaning solution in the rinsing tank can also cause severe vibration on the water surface, which can improve the cleaning efficiency by releasing the fishing gear cleaning process.

When cleaning the hanging rack, Shi Qi’s cleaning machine authority is checked. The cleaning machines sold by our company are purchased at wholesale prices imported from abroad, and only a few imported brands are supplied domestically.

The cleaning rack must be kept clean and free from accumulated water; (4) Activate the electrical control to allow the steel mesh cleaning personnel in contact with the power supply to operate the cleaning machine, and the cleaning machine must be powered on.

When cleaning the hanging rack, after the power supply of the cleaning machine is turned on, immediately carry out maintenance on the cleaning machine and test its power ratio with the manufacturer to check whether the plug-in contact charging is reliable.

Turn on the main brush switch and observe any cracks in the liquid inside the material container (under normal circumstances, if there is a large amount of water, the operation should be extended). If necessary, carry out cleaning or theoretical testing.

Check the wear of the hoses and screws used for transporting rubber separately to see if there is a short circuit. If there is any damage, it should be replaced in a timely manner;

Check the lubrication parts, suspension C, and over padding of the machine at the inlet and outlet, and if necessary, grind them to see if there is mechanical wear. If necessary, adjust the appropriate screws and fastening nuts for elastic tension.

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