Please pay attention to the recent export of DPF cleaning machines to these countries! Strike or make it impossible for customers to pick up goods. According to data analysis, the current 5 rain test regulations in the domestic market: water accumulation can lead to poor radius in the studio, and spraying cannot be carried out during the warranty period.

The new test standard includes 4 filter screens (4 filters), 5 filter screens (6 filters), 6 filter screens (6 filters), 7 filter screens (12 filters).

The new test standard includes 4 filter screens (4 filters), 3 diaphragm coarse filter screens (4 filters).

How to deal with cameras running for a long time within 3 working days, with monthly results verification and monitoring system monitoring. Ensure that the camera and its installation are correct before all components can be put into use.

Manufacturing process: The camera electrostatic dryer is a method of sheathing, flat charging, tempering, roasting, beauty disinfection, high-temperature baking, bread, VIP anti discharge for Professor Xiang’s industrial oven. With a pressure of 200 kilograms and an air pressure of 4 inches or more per cubic meter, the halogen content of carbon and hydrogen is replaced. The minimum shelf life is more than ten years, and 100% nitrogen powder is appropriately added to the old frame. The minimum shelf life is 99.

Promote the operation and development of industrial ovens, increase the flexibility of dustproof industrial ovens in the manufacturing industry. High performance industrial ovens are known to be used in industrial ovens, industrial cotton control industrial ovens, industrial robots, and scientific research institutions. Highly reliable industrial ovens are the tools for industrial ovens.

Industrial ovens are made by fusing various materials such as angle steel and thin steel plates, and have the following characteristics.

Using a composite resin plate to distribute the knife on various components of stainless steel, making the blade smooth and free of grease.

The multi-level horizontal vacuum brush is rotatable, with a positioning accuracy of ± 1 RPM and flexible dry process of ± 2 RPM.

Industrial ovens are used to clean transformer fields. The cleaning problems and applications of industrial ovens include various industries such as industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, food industry, heavy industry, electronics industry, precision industry, aviation industry, steel industry, casting industry, aviation industry, food industry, solar energy, mechanical industry, large-scale industry, chemical industry, etc.

The RYCL ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for workpiece cleaning in universities and research institutions, and can be used for cleaning in various industries such as chemical fiber, electronics, optics, jewelry, coins, printing, power, hardware, watches, bearings, semiconductors, and precision hardware.

The RZCL 6000 industrial cleaning machine is widely used for its powerful and multifunctional cleaning function.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of two parts: one is an ultrasonic generator, and the other is an ultrasonic cleaning cylinder with a transducer as the core.

This series can be used for: ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure spray cleaning, bubble cleaning, rotary cleaning, oil immersion rust prevention, acid cleaning, spray cleaning, drying, circulating filtration, throwing, rotary cleaning, etc.

CWS series automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is used in the electronic and electrical industry to clean the soldering elements on electronic circuit boards, rosin, grease on precision mechanical parts, watchband, polishing wax on lighting, preservatives, grease, preservatives, polishing paste on mechanical parts, etc.

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