Market scale and prospect analysis of DPF cleaning machine products.

The CL series pulse cleaning products are a new generation of pulse cleaning products independently developed by our company on the basis of existing technology, achieving results that conventional cleaning methods cannot achieve.

The cleaning work of CL series pulse cleaning products on the surface can solve the problem of ordinary pulse cleaning blockage.

The surface cleaning work of CL series pulse cleaning products can solve the problem of traditional pulse cleaning blockage, without damaging the surface of objects. When used in conjunction with cleaning agents, the cleaning effect is good, making it the industry’s preferred choice.

The surface dredging and cleaning of CL series pulse cleaning products can solve the problem of traditional pulse cleaning scale blockage. The cleaning speed is fast, improving production efficiency, not damaging the surface of objects, and can protect the surface of workpieces, providing efficient and safe cleaning solutions for future customers.

The pulse cleaning machine adopts a high-power DC motor, directly driven by a high-power inverter, with stable output power. The vehicle operates heavily and has no faults on the entire line, fully achieving superior manual lubrication and efficient cleaning;

The pulse cleaning machine adopts a high-power circulating filtration system, effectively ensuring the cleanliness of the cleaning solution and reducing cleaning costs;

The controller is semi-automatic ultrasonic operation. The fully automatic operation controller is simple and clear, with a one button working mode and time control;

Automatic liquid level control adds compensation function to ensure cleaning effect and improve quality;

● Automatic pressure setting program, time controlled gas pressure and flow regulation, set temperature value, gas status indication, and automatic display at the end of time;

The ultrasonic output frequency includes steam, nitrogen, electronics, relays, controllers, and other gears, and users only need to carry out daily safety maintenance;

This product is designed to provide users with low power back strap cleaning machines as small as 20 watts, as high as 1000 watts, and workstations or customized cleaning systems, which can meet the required cleaning requirements.

A specialized cleaning machine for cleaning automotive industry components, which can be equipped with multiple sets or connected by nozzles, spray gun nozzles, threaded nozzles, etc. At the same time, the height of the spray gun can be immediately adjusted to connect the matching nozzles reasonably;

In order to improve the cleaning effect, a fully copper circulating oven can be selected and hung on the manufacturer’s countertop, while ensuring the safety of the spray gun;

In order to prolong the service life of the cleaning machine, it is recommended to customize the position of the cleaning basket to avoid unnecessary trouble. Simply set up a suitable bracket to use it.

Main recommendations: hydrocarbon cleaning machine, RPR clamp cleaning machine, Greet vertical belt heating production line, cleaning production line, fixed belt heating production line, shaking type electric cleaning production line, sandwich pot, fern cutting machine, belt conveyor, fast chopping and mixing machine, silent screw conveyor, acid instantaneous processing machine, heat exchanger, donylamine cutting machine, hydraulic sausage machine, cutting machine, card adjustment machine, airbag shell cutting machine, etc.

● Capacity: 50L; Band/Amplitude 1812;

Heating speed: Steam heating 4 times per time, no oil burning, fast heating speed, fast heating and stirring rate, 1~30 ° C heating;

● Safety: Safety, adhesion, temperature resistance, stirring resistance, heating and cooling, insulation, and pressure monitoring of materials.

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