Magic power of KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine 6.0

Friday, what a beautiful day! After get off work on Friday can usher in the leisure time of the weekend. But even today is Monday, if you can find good business opportunities that can help you make money, wouldn’t it will be a nice day just like Friday?

KINGKAR conducted a live broadcast of the DPF6.0 machine introduction and the operation process of the machine this Friday. If you are interested in DPF cleaning, or want to invest in a good business, please follow the footsteps of KINGKAR and review this live broadcast together!

Let’s come to the DPF 6.0 cleaning machine appearance first.

The machine color is blue,it means environmental friendly. The material is Stainless steel, so it can use many years. The size of machine is about 190cm long, 200cm high. A customer once joked with Lula, can Lula be hidden in the machine when transporting the machine? This proves that the capacity of DPF cleaning machine is really large enough! The whole weight of this machine is about 795KG, after packaged, it can reach 6CBM. It can wash all kinds of DPFs for you, such as the Euro 4, 5 and 6.

KingKar DPF Cleaning Machine 6.0
Magic power of KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine 6.0 - KingKar

The second part let KINGKAR show you is the control system of this machine, which is a brain of the whole machine.

On the top, this is PLC control system which is 10 inches PLC touch screen, you can operate it very easily. And there just 4 buttons here, it’s very easy to use. Turn on by pressing “on” button, turn off by pressing “off” button. The two buttons is for Shunt switch, what’s the mean? It means that this machine can wash two DPFs together, then it can save you much time and make more money.

The layout of the electric system is very tidy, and each line has its label. If the machine has any problem, you just need to take a picture to the after-service person of KINGKAR, then we will check it out and help you solve problems very soon. As for the accessories, we all uses good quality, such as the Schneider switch with good quality which is imported from France.

In internal structure, it has Gas tank, which has 25 liters gas. This is our sweage treatment system, which can keep the whole process uses clean water and won’t make the secondary pollution, it built-in 10 micron filter bag, and can make the water very clean on the whole process. The whole process just need to pour the water once, just about 40liters so this is really save your cost and labor.

You don’t have to buy air compressor by yourself cause it is one of the upgraded function of 6.0 cleaning machine. And the control system for the water pump, and gas tank called three-way ball valve. When it comes to the high temperature drying system, the temperature can reach 300°C just need 30mintues, you can install on the trucks directly, which is really good for winter. Save a lot of cleaning time. You know, time is money! Save time and you will get more money!

We also use many technologies in this DPF 6.0 cleaning machine:

First, It uses high pressure air purging warm water with cleaner agent alternately work. You just add two bottles of the cleaner agent in it, which got the Swiss SGS certificate,it not only is safe to environment, but also can reach very good cleaning effect.

Second, Using wave surging technology, after 10 seconds warm water flushing, the gas tank will release high pressure gas to surging the DPF. The whole process will be cycling about 180 times, it can flush out the blockage and dirty particulars from the honeycomb. so it reach almost 100% cleaning efficiency.

Magic power of KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine 6.0 - KingKar
Magic power of KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine 6.0 - KingKar

What an advanced and good machine for cleaning DPF! With the popularization of environmental awareness and the importance of environmental protection for a sustainable society, cleaning DPF has become the top priority of car maintenance. So cleaning DPF has a very broad market connection. So let us contribute to environmental protection together, to contribute to the better life of mankind, so that everyone can breathe fresher air, and to help the earth is to help ourselves.

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Magic power of KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine 6.0 - KingKar
Magic power of KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine 6.0 - KingKar

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