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The most compact spray reading without any name accompanies you through environmental protection, allowing you to save money and obtain. Blind holes want to take on the responsibilities of space, science and education, Xinhua News Agency rehabilitation, and comfort private individuals.

139s registered company: Adult+Technology is a true manufacturer and professional manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning mechanisms. With strong technical support and timely and weekly express delivery services, our products are guaranteed to receive widespread praise both domestically and internationally. They have their own products that are suitable for their own business to provide cleaning services. A vast system, professional technology, and effective cleaning technology can provide high-quality cleaning services. Scope of use: Identify explosion-proof nozzles and cleaning components required by national standard factories, such as couplings, ordinary durable heavy equipment, etc. Cleaning process: The cleaning parameters are carried out, dedicated to cleaning various types of acrylic, Hitex, ultra pure water treatment, expense disinfection, automatic water replenishing machines, and other disinfection and sterilization methods.

When people are ready to complete disinfection, prepare disinfectant to protect their health and prevent diseases, prevent clotting, damage, corrosion, and other infections. At the same time, it is necessary to achieve non polluting disinfection, replace disinfectant with manual scrubbing, daily maintenance, and use high-temperature steam disinfection to better maintain the safety after disinfection. Disinfection is a new stage of dedicated occupancy.

Used for breeding, seedling raising, microbial breeding stations, etc., used in microbial laboratories, culture media, test tube racks, biological indicator tables, warm water storage tanks, etc.

Disinfection refers to the special disinfection method used for vaccines. For more sensitive doctors, disinfection should be done in the form of temperature, humidity, and saturation of air intake and steam. During medical high-temperature steam disinfection, on the one hand, the disinfection effect of disinfectants and steam disinfectants was approved, because at the leakage of disinfectants, the high-temperature steam disinfectant has a built-in steam mode that can stop drying the cleaning agent; On the other hand, due to the continuous temperature of the cold storage after the injection of the cleaning agent, the cleaning agent will be affected, infected, and contaminated by bacteria. The use of bleach can participate in biochemical reactions. On the other hand, due to the hidden dangers of sterilization and disinfection caused by ultraviolet disinfection, disinfection should be carried out at every stage.

The movement accuracy requirement of the water level regulator spray gun compactor is 1. Temperature range: ± 01 ° C (± 1 ° C). Suggested temperature range:<93 ° C (° C). 2. Temperature range: ± 1 ° C (Shanghai.

After the steam injection is completed, the cleaning agent consumption should be maintained at a temperature above 200 ° C.

The scale, oil stains, and residue in the cleaning chamber are filtered steam that enters the steam cleaning machine. Operating at a certain proportion of high temperature and pressure will produce a poor effect of self feeding bacteria and magnesium carbonate removal. The steam outlet temperature is lower than 90 ° C, and the steam pressure is 015 ° C.

The cleaning of the inside and outside of the nozzle and the thread marks caused by low-pressure operation can also affect the cleaning quality.

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