KINGKAR shows you how to do DPF cleaning wisely

DPF cleaning is a growing industry and a popular method of cleaning the inside of a vehicle’s engine.

Over time, a DPF builds up internal deposits, such as carbon, tars, gums, etc. While these are natural by-products of the combustion process, they can accumulate and affect the performance of DPF, including emissions, power, and efficiency.

KINGKAR DPF cleaning can remove these deposits and offer a number of benefits to the motorist. KINGKAR has been trading and exporting for many years and is in a leading position in the DPF cleaning industry. Today, I will share with you how to effectively clean DPF and analyze the growing need in the DPF market.

For the technically-minded, we will cover ‘How the Kingkar DPF cleaning machine works’ in more detail in a future blog.

For now, all you need to know is that the Kingkar DPF cleaning machine could deliver:

Regained Performance

Cars that are not combusting as effectively as they should be will not be as powerful as they should be. Kingkar DPF cleaning machine will help to restore power to an engine. Note that the Kingkar DPF cleaning machine is not a modification – it won’t give the performance that wasn’t there in the first place, but it will help to regain power that has been lost over time.

Improved Efficiency

At the time of writing, the average cost of fuel in the UK is £1.19 for petrol, and £1.23 for diesel and the cost of living is increasing all the time. No matter what vehicle you run, you want to spend as little money on fuel as possible.

Kingkar DPF cleaning machine can help to improve your car’s efficiency: many of our customers have reported increases in their miles-per-gallon.

Reduced Running Costs/Wear And Tear

By keeping crucial engine components clean, the Kingkar DPF cleaning machine reduces wear and tear and enhances the overall life of parts.

We recommend a semi-regular Kingkar DPF cleaning machine as part of a preventative maintenance schedule, approximately every 15,000 miles.

Many regular Kingkar DPF cleaning machine customers include taxi drivers or companies operating fleets of vehicles such as vans. They cover more hard miles than most other vehicles, and their operators understand the need to keep the inner workings of their engines running as smoothly as possible.

Reduced Emissions

There are two main reasons to want to lower your vehicle’s emissions:

Because air pollution is a serious problem in this country, and we all have to breathe the same air. We should each be taking responsibility to help to keep the surrounding air as clean as possible.

Because older cars can often fail a test because of high emissions, and Kingkar DPF cleaning machine can help to rectify that.

Year after year, DPF cleaning is becoming an increasingly popular service among diesel car owners, and the demand for this service is constantly growing. More frequent police emission checks are slowly making DPF cleaning machines an indispensable piece of equipment for car repair shops and professional services. In addition, the rapid return on investment and the potential profits to be made with a KINGKAR DPF machine are encouraging many companies to expand their operations.


The growth of the industry and the improvement of existing cleaning methods on the market has meant that a DPF regeneration machine is no longer just a simple DPF washer, but a technologically advanced multifunctional piece of equipment. Nowadays, the hydrodynamic method is the most popular way to restore filters to up to 100% of their original efficiency and has almost completely dominated the market and displaced other methods.

It uses the hydrodynamic power of turbulent water flow and the force of compressed air impulses from a compressor. The movement of the liquid (working fluid) is driven by external pressure, which needs to overcome the flow resistance within the filter channels.


The KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine is characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness. It can be used to clean up to several filters in one day. More and more often workshops are discontinuing filter removal services. In return, they are starting to offer cleaning services, opting for a professional service. A DPF machine will certainly help in the fight against the illegal procedure of removing a DPF filter from diesel cars.


With the growth of hydrodynamic DPF cleaning, new business opportunities are opening up. Owners of public and private transport companies are asking for the service more and more often. DPFs have also become commonplace in vehicles such as tractors, forklifts, and construction machines.

If you’re interested in a Kingkar DPF cleaning machine but want to find out more, welcome to contact Kingkar, we will give you the best consultation service.

KINGKAR show you how to do DPF cleaning wisely - KingKar
KINGKAR show you how to do DPF cleaning wisely - KingKar

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