How to maintain vehicles in winter

A while ago, a very interesting video was widely circulated on the Internet, and many media reported it one after another.

In this video, the head teacher of a middle school in Kaifeng, Henan province, China,  “suddenly attacked” during break time, asking the students to roll up their trousers one by one, But why?

How to maintain vehicles in winter - KingKar
How to maintain vehicles in winter - KingKar

It turned out that Miss. Cheng checked the condition of students if they are wearing thermal underwear. All the students lined up neatly,  bent over, and began to pull their trousers, revealing a variety of thermal underwear. Miss Cheng said, “It’s very cold now. Some students want to “keep beautiful” and don’t wear thermal underwear. They are still growing their bodies. If their bodies are frozen, it will be bad for their health and learning.”

You see, in order to against the cold, we wear thermal underwear. This is the way we protect our bodies.

In fact, vehicles also need to be well-maintained in winter. For drivers, winter is the most difficult season of the year. Because of the cold weather in winter and the frequent rain and snow, if you cannot master the correct knowledge of vehicle maintenance, the damage to the vehicle will be not small after winter.

Today, Kingkar will introduce some common sense of vehicle maintenance in winter and some precautions for driving in winter to help you pass the winter safely and reduce the troubles of using vehicles.

How to maintain vehicles in winter - KingKar
How to maintain vehicles in winter - KingKar

Add and replace oil in time

In the coming of winter, it is necessary to timely check the vehicle antifreeze, lubricating oil, glass cleaning agent, etc., whether in line with the current ambient temperature. Antifreeze has winter antifreeze and summer anti-boiling performance. The temperature in the winter is low, and if the engine chooses unqualified antifreeze or water instead of antifreeze, it may cause the engine can not to start, or the engine will be damaged.

Use and maintenance of batteries

The battery is extremely sensitive to temperature and is greatly affected by it. Especially in winter, when the temperature is low, the power of the battery may drop to half the normal temperature. Therefore, the vehicle in winter, the battery discharge as far as possible not to more than half, but also often check the battery power, if the battery power is less than half, to supplement power in time. If not for a long time, you can remove the battery, and place it indoors, in order to reduce the attenuation of battery performance, and every period of time for a charge and discharge.

Precautions for vehicle start and stop

After the vehicle starts, under normal circumstances, to the original geothermal it for about a minute. Wait for the vehicle water tank temperature to rise to about 40 degrees, then run the vehicle. After the vehicle starts, try not to step on the accelerator vigorously. After driving at a low speed for a certain distance, the waiting motor is fully preheated and the lubricating oil is fully lubricated, it can start to drive normally.

Use and inspection of the heating system

For drivers, the warm air system is essential in winter. In winter, due to the large temperature difference between the vehicles, the car is prone to water fog, which affects the driver’s sight. At this time, we need to use the warm air system. In addition, when the vehicle is parked outdoors in winter if the front windshield is covered with snow or frozen, a warm air system is also needed at this time. In the coming of winter, check the warm air system in advance, in case the warm air system does not work for a long time, there is a fault.

In addition, driving in the winter, the driver’s friends also have to prepare thick clothes, gloves, an anti-skidding chain, a snow and ice shovel, a shovel, and other accompanying items in the car, in case of emergency.

How to maintain vehicles in winter - KingKar
How to maintain vehicles in winter - KingKar

Have you learned how to maintain a truck in winter?

What’s more, there is another very important step to maintain the vehicle, which is to clean the DPF promptly and correctly. After all, a DPF jam is most likely to cause engine failure.

Kingkar DPF cleaner, Only need 30mins for a car and 60mins for a truck DPF. If only cleaning by water, unable to clean the inner particulate. But KingKar’s special cleaner agent can decompose toxic substances. Protect the DPFs’ precious metal, damage the Molecular structure, and the solid substance disappeared.

Kingkar DPF Cleaner is an innovative solution to clean all DPFs, SCRs, and DOCs of different kinds of vehicles. It uses warm water flushing with the cleaner agent and high-pressure air purging work alternately. 100% cleaning.

KingKar DPF Cleaning Machine 6.0

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