How to maintain a truck in winter?

The low temperature has continued recently, and there have been many heavy snowfalls in southern Chinese cities. Many children and young people were overjoyed to see such a beautiful and shocking snow scene, and they all put on the warmest clothes, hats, and scarves to go out for snowball fights. And adults can worry about it. It is a big project to clear the snow for the cars parked outside.

In fact, trucks also need to be well-maintained in winter. For truck drivers, winter is the most difficult season of the year. Because of the cold weather in winter and frequent rain and snow, if you cannot master the correct knowledge of truck maintenance, the damage to the truck will be not small after a winter.

Today, I will introduce some common sense of truck maintenance in winter and some precautions for driving in winter to help you pass the winter safely and reduce the troubles of using cars.

How to maintain truck in winter? - KingKar
How to maintain truck in winter? - KingKar

Add and replace oil in time in winter

When winter comes, check whether the vehicle antifreeze, lubricating oil, glass cleaner, etc. are in line with the current ambient temperature. The antifreeze fluid has the performance of preventing freezing in winter and boiling in summer.

In winter, the temperature is low. If the engine chooses unqualified antifreeze or uses water to replace the antifreeze, the engine will not be able to start at the light, and the engine will be damaged in severe cases. Lubricating oil plays the role of lubrication and sealing. If the lubricating oil is not selected properly, it will cause increased wear of engine components, and at the same time will increase engine working resistance and increase fuel consumption.

Use and maintenance of batteries

Batteries are extremely sensitive to temperature and are greatly affected by temperature. Especially in winter, when the temperature is low, the battery power may drop to half of the normal temperature. Most of the trucks used in our country are lead-acid batteries. In winter, when the discharge capacity of lead-acid batteries exceeds half, the electrolyte is in danger of freezing.

Therefore, when using a car in winter, the battery discharge should not exceed half as much as possible. At the same time, the battery power should be checked frequently. If the battery power is below half, the battery should be refilled in time. If the battery is not used for a long time, the battery can be removed and placed indoors to reduce the degradation of battery performance and charge and discharge it at regular intervals.

Precautions for vehicle start and stop

After the vehicle is started, under normal circumstances, the vehicle should be heated in place for about one minute. When the temperature of the vehicle’s water tank rises to about forty degrees, then run the vehicle. After the vehicle is started, try not to step on the accelerator vigorously. After driving for a certain distance at low speed, the engine can be fully warmed up and the lubricating oil is fully lubricated before normal driving can begin.

When parking, choose a place where the ground is flat and dry. Never stop in low-lying places. If parking on rainy and snowy ground, in order to prevent vehicle tires from being frozen on the ground, you can put some firewood, wood planks, etc. in the parking place

Use and inspection of the heating system

For drivers, the heating system is essential in winter. In winter, due to the large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car, water mist is prone to appear in the car, which affects the driver’s line of sight. At this time, a heating system is needed.

In addition, if the vehicle is parked outdoors in winter, if there is snow or icing on the front windshield, a heating system is also needed at this time. When winter comes, check the heating system in advance to prevent the heating system from not working for a long time and malfunctioning.

The inspection can be divided into two aspects. On the one hand, check whether the heating system is working properly. On the other hand, check the fan operation. Check whether the air volume is normal and whether there is hot air.

In addition, when driving in winter, drivers and friends should also prepare thick clothes, gloves, snow chains, snow shovel, shovels, and other accompanying items in the car to prevent emergencies. With more knowledge of truck maintenance, card friends can also have more peace of mind in sports cars!

Have you learned how to maintain trucks in winter?

Of course, there is another very important step to maintaining the truck, which is to clean the DPF promptly and correctly.

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How to maintain truck in winter? - KingKar
How to maintain truck in winter? - KingKar

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