How can DPF cleaning machine products penetrate the global market?

WS4882100L adopts imported ECO energy-saving device, MFUSSEN filter, ECO economizer, and ROHS fresh filter. The process flow is automatic feeding – cleaning – rinsing – air cutting drying – feeding, and it is cleaned by CAT P pressure coating and stainless steel coating at three stations. The time and setting are: automatic operation – water blowing – hot air drying – feeding.

SHJ. The 3600 Wuxi Guohuan Tu Jinghe Grid Engine has high thermal efficiency. In the past, the traditional disassembly was simple and manual, resulting in high filter costs, easy damage to the filter, low operating costs, and relying on manual technology with high intensity and low efficiency. It uses a powerful high-temperature fan to operate, promoting good air conditioning cooling effect and achieving environmental protection in refrigeration.

Continuous cleaning machine mesh belt bracket, spray plastic mesh belt, roller and welding mesh belt, cleaning machine mesh belt woven mesh belt, steam heating.

The saturated steam cleaning machine adopts a continuous energized synchronous cleaning method, conveying small amounts of oil. In a short period of time, it can pass through various dead corners without the need for cleaning tools, and instantly clean without dead corners. This is the DPF cleaning that you truly need.

● Fault alarm recognition: If the machine is not running, it may be considered a disadvantage in severe cases;

● Lack of normal drinking water, with mild cases of seizure; Serious cases cannot be dealt with in a timely manner, and serious cases cannot be dealt with in a timely manner;

Long term non use safety: The centrifugal dehydrator is cleaned on-site to avoid generating high-temperature and high-pressure steam inside the pump, which affects the normal operation of the machine;

● Non use safety: The centrifugal dehydrator does not stir in a closed space, preventing damage to the pump rotor. Ink accumulation in dead corners can easily cause work blockage;

● Accidental damage: When protected, it is not advisable to touch any conductive surface with hands, as it may cause significant injury;

Poor power supply contact (may cause short circuit): Precision may cause damage to the fuse, and metal materials should be used to prevent equipment damage;

Although the centrifugal dehydrator has a certain self suction function, it cannot clean dirt. Once blocked seriously, it can cause a short circuit;

The acceleration generated by the propulsion of liquid particles. For high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines, the cavitation effect is not significant. At this time, the cleaning mainly relies on the interface shear effect caused by the acceleration impact of liquid particles on the dirt under the ultrasonic action to achieve the cleaning effect< Eod>.

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