How to communicate with DPF cleaning machine customers is the best way. I don’t tell them how to choose a good one, only they can know the reason. Let’s take a closer look.

Imported chips now have a size of 50/60CM, and we often inspect and investigate various types of products.

Automatic crystal solidification machine is a box automation conveying equipment used in construction and functional manufacturing. He combines lighter weight, higher cost, and can reduce manual labor intensity. Mainly composed of automatic loading and unloading platforms and automatic obstacle avoidance systems.

The automatic mask is composed of sheet material, particle fragments, and water column. In order to improve cleaning efficiency, the principle is to adjust the floating fragments to a ratio of 1:10 or 1.

Why does the automatic coating and drying process use spray painting assembly line equipment for production? The automated mask consists of sheet materials and particles.

We specialize in producing a series of products including ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic dishwashers, high-pressure spray cleaning machines, hydrocarbon cleaning machines, mold cleaning machines, centrifugal dryers, door-to-door ovens, ultrasonic cleaning machines, industrial dryers, explosion-proof dishwashers, dryers, and automatic workpiece washing machines.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses methods such as spraying, soaking, and rotating to soak the residual substances on the surface of the workpiece, and then removes residual impurities such as oil stains on the surface of the workpiece through wind cutting and drying,

Ultrasound uses “ultrasound”, which refers to the pre cleaning, decontamination, oil removal, rust removal, and cleaning processes for object bonding. The inner groove and outer surface of the ultrasonic cleaning machine are made of SUS304 20mm thick stainless steel. This process method can effectively remove the surface of the workpiece that is too thick, oil accumulation on the side, and groove loading, so as to remove wax, rust, oxide skin, and surface polishing paste on the surface of the object.

● Set up a solvent heating and temperature automatic constant temperature device, with a temperature control range of room temperature -95 ° C and a working temperature range of room temperature -60 ° C; Set the cleaning temperature as needed; This device also reserves a temperature alarm and emergency alarm system, as well as an automatic detection system for working current.

● The equipment operates automatically. The heater automatically senses heating, temperature protection, water level automatic pressure reduction, pressure display, temperature control, safety timed shutdown, and automatic supervision of faults according to the programmed mode set.

The equipment operates in an automatic state and will be controlled in the same box as the electrical temperature to maintain the dynamic automatic state of the machine.

● Real time temperature monitoring system for production equipment and setting temperature values to ensure normal machine operation.

After leaving the work site, on-site staff must wear safety goggles. The cleaning machine operates automatically, and it is necessary to wear goggles when the cleaning chamber of the cleaning machine arrives. The cleaning machine operates automatically, and it is necessary to wear goggles when the cleaning chamber of the cleaning machine arrives.

Check whether the power cord of the equipment complies with regulations and whether it complies with regulations.

Firstly, meet the working environment of the cleaning machine, and then place the equipment on the ground with high building objects to ensure heat dissipation and high efficiency, and establish a good working environment.

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