Since 2002, the high production standard DPF cleaning machine factory, Otec High Pressure Cleaning Machine, has developed a large number of professional equipment mainly used for cleaning, disinfection, descaling, and large-scale cleaning.

According to the first generation SMT analog signal released by Nippon Semiconductor Technology, the power of single chip photosensitive packaging in China’s semiconductor packaging field is 15-30kW and 4-8kW, making I/M the “·” in the semiconductor packaging field.

The solution from protection delay to human-machine · I/M will revolve around module manufacturing enterprise system integration and semiconductor packaging enterprise management system, forming an advantageous ERP design system with built-in integration and capacity. Through servo control, simpler, faster, and more intelligent management greatly improves productivity.

Implement machine vision, improve production efficiency, and work closely with CNC/ACCC through new systems, ODS connectivity, to achieve OI, vision, linearity, repetition, and roundness of machines.

The rear support of the dry ice cleaning machine P002F is installed along the platform with a height of the rear support. Adjustable thread welding height for smooth and uniform operation.

The dry ice cleaning of the compact automatic dry ice cleaning machine has a significant cavitation effect and does not damage the grooves of the cleaning equipment. Due to the small to large size of dry ice particles, under the action of compressed air, dry ice cleaning does not require any raw materials and does not leave any secondary waste liquid. It can deeply clean deep grooves,

At the stage of operation, the compact external DCIR decontamination system has been incorporated into the application function. Due to the lack of thermal damage caused by the instantaneous shock wave of dry ice, it will not damage the pressure resistance of the mold. It is suitable for cleaning residual grease, making it easy to clean stubborn oil stains, and in situations with high cleaning requirements.

Compared with other cleaning methods, dry ice cleaning is a method that prevents some common faults mentioned above. While the cleaning machine is highly automated, it can also achieve manual cleaning of various types of dirt.

Using dry ice cleaning can reduce downtime; Reduce the labor intensity of machines and other work;

Long service life of dry ice: Using dry ice cleaning as an active production process reduces downtime, avoids the impact of traditional downtime on the working environment, and further saves equipment service life.

Using dry ice to clean tire molds has no concerns and can significantly improve the cleanliness after cleaning.

The use of Karcher has no cleaning residues, reduces pollution, and has safety and reliability requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The population that can use it in the food industry is widely used in various food industries in China.

Due to the temperature of dry ice being minus 78 ° C, if you want to maintain a low temperature effect, first use a dry ice cleaning machine to ignite, and the air will be burned by the fire. In a very narrow layout space, if white smoke is emitted and the cleaning equipment personnel operate improperly, cleaning dry ice will definitely cause the smoke and flue system to be damaged.

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